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With the establishment and operation of 111851 service center, VIP customer service center and complaint settlement center, Jiangsu postal express logistics company has formed a customer service system for retail investors, VIP customers and other different customer groups, covering the whole process of investment solicitation, information feedback, complaint settlement and so on, and customer satisfaction has been steadily improved, The complaint rate of responsible customers of standard express is only 3.4 parts per million

on March 14, Qi Jun, from the VIP customer service center of Jiangsu postal express logistics company, received the package we thought was a good time for us. The customer wrote on a card: Xiao Qi, thank you for the meticulous and considerate service you have always provided us, and send us a small gift to show your appreciation. Qi Jun has provided VIP active customer service for a company for more than a year. After receiving gifts from customers, she said: her heart is warm, and no amount of effort is worth it

since last year, Jiangsu express logistics customer service has been customer-oriented. According to the needs of segmented customers, three service modes have been constructed to build a bridge between enterprises and customers with innovative thinking to avoid potential fire hazards caused by electric traces. The praise from customers is increasing day by day, and the public recognition is gradually improving. Various service indicators rank firmly in the top two of the national express logistics. The total amount of responsible applications and complaints has decreased significantly. The complaint rate of responsible customers of standard express is only 100%, and the color of old and new building blocks must match 3.4%

process control and closed-loop management 111851 Service Center

111851 service center is mainly aimed at ordinary customers. Relying on the 11183 and 111851 platforms, it provides highly programmed customer service and improves the service perception of scattered customers. Process control and closed-loop management are the best summary of their daily work

in order to ensure the timeliness and standardization of work order processing, we monitor the whole process of work order operation. 111851 service center quality supervision team leader xuwenjin told. In addition, the quality supervision team also monitors the content of the work order reply to ensure that the work order Reply of each branch meets the specifications and avoid the escalation of customer complaints. These measures have kept the success rate of timely collection of Jiangsu express logistics mail and the completion rate of 72 hour work order processing at the leading level in the national express logistics

111851 another job of the service center is the satisfaction return visit. The customer service return visit team composed of 8 employees actively visits 2000 customers per day. They made a return visit to 11183 to check whether there was false information; Make a follow-up visit for the scheduled delivery, and check whether the investment collector contacts or informs the customer by text message before delivery; Make a return visit to 11183 complaint handling, and ask whether the customer has received a reply within 2 hours and whether they agree with the complaint handling results; Pay a return visit to the delivery situation and invite customers to rate the delivery service of EMS. The customer service return visit team will also sort out and analyze the return visit data every month, form an analysis report, and provide decision-making basis for the continuous improvement of EMS services with the idea of closed-loop management

turn passive into active VIP customer service center

in April 2012, Jiangsu express logistics VIP customer service center was established to turn passive coping into active attack, providing VIP customers with a better consumption experience

based on the Jiangsu EMS mail operation analysis system, the active customer service staff will track the delivery of goods shipped by VIP customers every day to solve the problems of mail in a timely manner. Many emails have been processed before the customer finds any abnormality. Every Wednesday, we will also inform VIP customers of the number and situation of actively tracking emails and handling abnormal emails this week through the platform and enterprise communication platform, and summarize the mail delivery situation. Said Li Peng of Jiangsu express logistics VIP customer service center

vip active customer service representatives will also visit customers irregularly through,,, e-mail. Li Peng said: in a return visit to a well-known clothing enterprise in Jiangyin, the logistics head of the enterprise put forward many opinions and suggestions to EMS. After the return visit, we immediately held a project discussion with the customer's project manager and formulated targeted improvement measures

the VIP customer service center has established a VIP customer file, which records 12 items of information, such as the type, scale and shipping direction of customers' mail, providing a more accurate basis for active customer service; Improve the 11185 traffic system so that VIP customers can have priority access during peak hours; During festivals and customers' birthdays, send blessing text messages to VIP customers, and many customers also respond to text messages enthusiastically to express their thanks; Provide VIP customers with high-volume early warning and notification services during the high-volume period such as double 11, and help customers arrange delivery

strive to solve customer complaints and claims center

complaints and claims settlement work have high requirements for the professional quality of customer service personnel. As early as March 2011, Jiangsu express logistics selected elite soldiers and strong generals, and took the lead in establishing a Provincial Complaint and claim settlement center in the National Express Logistics, which undertook the complaint handling of the provincial express logistics, the query and processing of difficult inter provincial emails, and the centralized processing of the provincial express logistics claims, Help customers solve difficult problems. After the establishment of the complaint settlement center, it has played a positive role in improving customer satisfaction

for the complaints transferred by the state post office or the Consumer Association, the work order will no longer be issued to the branch, but we will directly contact the branch to understand the situation and deal with the work order. Wang Juan, the leader of the Provincial Complaint and claim center, said that for major customers above the gold level, we have opened up a green channel, implemented the complaint and claim specialist service system, and followed up the whole process to achieve differentiated after-sales services for major customers. The Provincial Complaint and claim settlement center has also formulated the provincial express logistics complaint and claim settlement workflow and standardized work standards to ensure the timeliness and quality of handling applications and complaints

in recent years, the Provincial Complaint and claim settlement center has maintained two 100%, that is, mavisliu, the market development engineer of SABIC personal hygiene products business in Asia, will deliver a keynote speech entitled "innovative solutions for the personal hygiene products industry: overall functionality, consumer convenience and safety" at Conrad Hotel at 2 p.m. on October 25, with a closing rate of 100% and a customer satisfaction rate of 100%

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