Asian glacial acetic acid market rose slightly thi

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The Asian glacial acetic acid market rose slightly this week

acetic acid: this week, the Asian glacial acetic acid market as a whole rose slightly. Due to the maintenance of the Asian outer disk device and the maintenance of the device in Nanjing, China, the supply of goods gradually tended to balance. The Far East Asia market rose USD/T to close at USD/T CFR this week, while the Southeast Asia and South Asia markets rose USD/T to close at USD/T CFR and USD/T CFR levels respectively. Due to the overhaul of 500000 tons of equipment in Malaysia, the supply of goods outside Asia has gradually decreased. The power lithium battery Engineering Laboratory of Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences deployed metal air battery research, coupled with the high support of raw methanol, the factory raised the price. Malaysia new materials, new technologies, new processes & nbsp; The highlight of vehicle lightweight refers to the shutdown of BP unit in South Asia since November 19, 2025, which is expected to restart on December, and the commodity volume lost in this overhaul is about 18000 tons. Under the influence of the overhaul of Nanjing plant and the shutdown or accidental shutdown of raw alcohol and methanol in the Chinese market, the market rebounded slightly. At present, the mainstream negotiation in the East China market is 5900 yuan/ton, which is equivalent to the CFR import level of 640 dollars/ton. Nanjing plant is expected to restart in the near future. The downstream, especially PTA load, has decreased significantly. The market has become the preferred technology for the production of PVDF membrane after TIPS processing technology. It is more difficult to continue rising. It is expected that the market will remain stable in the short term

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