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Northern heavy industry: resource integration starts a new journey on the new map

Northern heavy industry: resource integration starts a new journey on the new map

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Guide: Recently, among the top 500 Chinese enterprises selected by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneur Association, northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., which reorganizes Heshan, has made great achievements in heavy mining, metallurgy The outstanding achievements in the field of construction machinery manufacturing won the top 500 Chinese enterprises, ranked 477, and entered the

recently, in the list of top 500 Chinese enterprises selected by the China Enterprise Federation and the China Entrepreneur Association, the "reformed" North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. won the 477th place of the "top 500 Chinese enterprises" with its outstanding achievements in the fields of heavy mining, metallurgy and engineering machinery manufacturing, and entered the ranks of the "top 500 world machinery" with its head held high

thinking back to the beginning, the heavy workers in the North started from the virgin land of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, and their ambition of starting a second business is better than before. Carrying another new dream of all northern heavy workers, after four years, with unimaginable energy and speed, northern heavy industry magically realized the brilliant miracle of turning paper planning into a realistic scene; North heavy industry, standing on the new geographical map, with the release of new space and new energy, a new splendid mileage is being written

once changing the image of "stupid, big, black and coarse" products in the past, Huali has turned into a manufacturer of "high-end, sophisticated" products for major equipment. Northern heavy industry has already possessed the core elements of a world-class enterprise

new advantages: the effect of resource integration highlights

behind the abstract figures, there are vivid scenes: flights carrying domestic and foreign businessmen to northern heavy industry negotiation take off and land at Shenyang Taoxian airport, container ships loaded with northern heavy industry products berth at ports around the world, and huge transactions are concluded in northern heavy industry, A batch of professional talents have shown their talents in northern heavy industry...

as the "mother machine" of China's heavy machinery industry, Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (Shenyang Heavy Industry) and Shenyang Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (Shenyang mine) were once the landmark enterprises of China's machinery industry towards industrialization and the city card of Shenyang. On December 18, 2006, in the tide of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, Shen Zhong and Shen Kuang realized merger and reorganization, and Northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. was announced to be established

Geng Hongchen, chairman and general manager of northern heavy industry, was in a very ambivalent mood when he received the notice of transfer to northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Geng Hongchen used to be the president of Shenyang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. after working in Shenyang machine tool for 21 years, he was suddenly transferred to the newly established northern heavy industry as the boss, and he was unsure. Geng Hongchen once said, "I know the difficulties ahead are great. These two enterprises with a long history have their own culture, market advantages and management habits." Indeed, in the era of planned economy, Shen Zhong and Shen Kuang had boundless scenery, supporting tens of thousands of employees. However, after the reform and opening up, the old state-owned enterprises have no vitality, the social burden is heavy, and all kinds of ills that do not understand the market have shown up - heavy losses for many years, Shenkuang has only a weak profit, and the model enterprises of that year are like old cows in their twilight years

sleepy and want to change. If Shenzhong and Shenkuang are combined to re integrate existing resources, both economic scale and technological advantages will have the effect of 1+1 greater than 2. First of all, Shenkuang and Shenzhong are in the same industry, and their products are connected in the process chain, thus forming a strong set of capabilities

after the merger, northern heavy industry carried out a bold internal management structure reform and implemented the double adjustment of market and product structure. The reorganization and combination has made both enterprises achieve a qualitative and quantitative leap at the same time. Six years ago, the output value of Shenzhong and Shenkuang was no more than 1billion yuan, but after the merger, both reached 6billion yuan. In 2009, the output value of northern heavy industry reached 13billion yuan. In 2007, when Shen Kuang and Shen Zhonggang merged, the two enterprises earned a total of 15million yuan from Yingkou, while northern heavy industry achieved US $116million in self operated foreign exchange in 2009

not only is the sales figure doubling year after year, the product grade of northern heavy industry has also been greatly improved. Shield machine is a landmark product of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. The potential market of all kinds of shield machines in China will be more than 20billion yuan in the future. Previously, about 85% of China's shield tunneling machines relied on imports, and metro shield machines from European and Japanese companies basically monopolized China's shield tunneling machine market. Among them, Herrick from Germany alone accounts for more than 70% of the domestic shield machine market. Others, such as Robbins of the United States, Maitong of France, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan and Kawasaki heavy industries, have also won many contracts in the Chinese market. In July, 2007, with an absolute holding advantage, NORINCO successfully acquired German wilt holding company/French NFM company, which has the world's famous brand and core technology of tunnel boring machines. This not only marks that NORINCO's shield machine manufacturing technology has reached the international advanced level, but also means that NORINCO ranks in the forefront of the international market and ranks among the wedge-shaped jaws of the world-class shield machine manufacturing base

on December 7, 2007, a big Mac took five large transport vehicles from Shenyang Tiexi to Beijing, and arrived at its final "battlefield" - the Tianning Temple construction site of Beijing Railway Underground diameter line (Beijing railway station to Beijing West Railway Station) in the early morning of December 16. With a diameter of 11.97 meters, a total length of 60 meters and a total weight of 1600 tons, this shield machine is currently the largest shield machine in China

in the early spring of 2008, two slurry balanced shield machines with a diameter of 11.38 meters manufactured by northern heavy industry successively achieved double track penetration in Wuhan Yangtze River tunnel construction experimental machine, which is generally 60 tons or 100 tons, and promoted Xiangbang composite materials company to sign cooperation agreements with Beijing Research Institute of COMAC and Southwest Aluminum Industry. Having withstood the test of extremely complex geological conditions such as high water pressure and large cross-section at the depth of 60 meters under the Yangtze River, the Shenzhong shield machine opened a new era of domestic shield machines crossing the river and sea with excellent performance, and made contributions to the smooth opening of the "first tunnel of the Yangtze River"

in order to build a world-class full face TBM research and development base, NORINCO is building a world-class shield machine research and development center and a high-end talent training and practice base in Shenyang, China and Lyon, France. At present, a world's largest full face tunnel boring machine test and development center is under construction in the new plant area of North heavy industry in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone

"for Northern heavy industry, high-end complete sets and major equipment are the only way for enterprises to become stronger and bigger" -- Geng Hongchen

new height: the development of manufacturing capacity of high-end complete sets of major equipment

shield machine is an epitome of northern heavy industry's pursuit of the strategic goal of "major equipment, and the price of foreign hydraulic components is too high for high-end complete sets". In addition to the well-known shield machine, cnhi also has many major equipment products with certain popularity and reputation at home and abroad. For example, double in and double out coal mills, complete sets of cement production lines and complete sets of mining equipment, which account for 60% of the domestic market share, have been exported abroad

"for Northern heavy industry, high-end complete sets and major equipment are the only way for enterprises to become stronger and bigger", Geng Hongchen never forgets this concept. In his view, "major equipment, high-end complete sets" is not only a market strategy, but also a good medicine to drive the technology and management level of enterprises. "Use complete sets of projects to master the system design ability and the core technology of products, and use complete sets of projects to change the current management mode and production organization mode, so as to strongly improve the product grade and level"

at present, northern heavy industry can be like a duck to water in the domestic and foreign heavy industry market, thanks to the market positioning of "major equipment, high-end complete sets" formulated at the beginning of the merger. North heavy industry has long realized that it must make great efforts to change the current situation of single machine export, change to the export of complete sets of technical equipment and system integration, change to undertaking the general contracting business of foreign engineering projects on a large scale, and use complete sets of projects to expand new fields and develop new markets. Northern heavy industry will focus on the adjustment of product structure and market structure. From low-end to high-end adjustment, from single machine to whole machine adjustment, from silly big black thick to fine and precise adjustment, from national standard to international standard adjustment, from domestic to international adjustment. This positioning of products means that NORINCO can't accept orders without refusing as before, but must choose to accept them. Geng Hongchen said: "In the past, we did everything, but no one did it well. We combed the industry and concentrated on ten types of leading products, including tunnel engineering equipment, power equipment, building materials equipment, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, coal machinery, port equipment, environmental protection equipment, forging equipment, engineering machinery and transmission machinery. Now we not only do general-purpose equipment, but also do special equipment with high real value."

general contracting is one of the symbols to measure the comprehensive competitiveness of the equipment manufacturing industry. At present, NORINCO has achieved a series of breakthroughs in shield, cement, steel rolling, wood-based panel, mining, desulfurization and other fields, and achieved an order value of more than 10 billion yuan for complete sets of equipment and major equipment, including steel rolling and cutting complete sets exported to the United States, 1725 finishing and shearing complete sets exported to Morocco, and shield machines exported to the Middle East, Large cement equipment is exported to Kazakhstan, India and Ethiopia, and the complete set of equipment of the comprehensive wood processing production line with an annual output of 180000 cubic meters is exported to Indonesia, etc

Kang Jiaqiang, general manager of North Heavy Industry Import and Export Corporation, compares the complete set of equipment with the decoration of a house: "modern people look for decoration companies to decorate, because it saves trouble and effort. If they decorate by themselves, although it saves money, the energy and time consumed are priceless; the complete set of equipment is the same, and the owners also hope to save some effort. Therefore, extending the product chain and developing the complete set market is a very correct decision of North heavy industry." By realizing the internationalization of products and paying attention to the complete set of systems, NORINCO's own design ability and service level have been greatly improved. From the initial purchase of design from the design institute to its own design, northern heavy industry handed in a beautiful answer sheet. "To make a complete system, we need to go through the steps of manufacturing, procurement, installation, commissioning and so on. This is not only selling equipment, but also selling design and services. This requires our ability to provide services and improve our design ability." Kang Jiaqiang, general manager of import and export company of North heavy industry group, said

in order to improve its position and reputation in the international market, NORINCO forced the implementation of international advanced standards in product design, and set off an upsurge of learning and implementing standards among technicians. Geng Hongchen said, "the fundamental thing to support the adjustment of the product market is to implement international standards. We have overseas branches and more and more international customers. If we want to enter the international market, we must implement international standards. The implementation of standards can not be completed in a short time, but we will always adhere to it. In five or ten years, our products will be equal to international competitors. The ultimate carrier of all productive factors of enterprises is products."

it is commendable that a number of large-scale complete sets of equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights designed, manufactured and matched by NORINCO have been recognized by developed countries and began to enter developed countries

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