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Northern Futures: Japanese glue opened higher and went lower, while Shanghai glue closed at the intraday low

affected by international commodities "Due to the impact of strength, the high opening of TOCOM period glue once soared, and fell back after being blocked near the high point in the early stage. Supported by the continued increase of positions of long funds, it maintained the high consolidation trend. Compared with Japanese glue, Shanghai glue opened with 2450 ordinary 3 camera electric or variable frequency electromechanical 0 yuan/ton, followed by the metal market to explore the low and rise after opening, maintained the consolidation trend for most of the day, and accelerated the decline in the late afternoon. Ru0805 finally ended at 24035 yuan/ton Report

in terms of spot goods, Thailand's uss3 current market is booming, and the price of goods is rising, which can be solved by demand. For example, high chloride ions demand strong support. Traders said that international tire manufacturers were worried about tight supply and were looking for rubber to supplement inventory levels. On the Aihe center rubber market, the price of uss3 rubber was 85.63 Taizhu/kg, compared with 84.79 Taizhu/kg in the previous transaction. Domestic agricultural reclamation SCR 5/5 standard glue has a list of 1201 tons, with an average price of 22841 yuan/ton

since the record high of Japanese rubber, the rising space has been opened, and the popularity of long market has further gathered; At the same time, the market's willingness to adjust has also become strong. Due to the excessive proportion of net excess of funds, the adjustment may appear in the form of high sideways. Unless the yen exchange rate changes again, there is little room for Japanese glue to fall

Shanghai Jiao is difficult to rise due to the weakness of domestic base metals, but the high domestic spot price provides strong support. The futures price has been blocked on the 24500 line continuously, and the moderate amplification of transactions and positions shows that the long and short competition is still continuing, and it is still necessary to adjust. Technically, it is still supported by the brin channel and the 10 day moving average. The recent operation is still based on the short and long idea of buying in case of a fall

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