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Northern heavy industry machao: stick to it because I am the son of a worker

Northern heavy industry machao: stick to it because I am the son of a worker

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regardless of the cold weather, spring, summer, autumn and winter, when you walk into the H02 plant of the metal structure branch, you will always see a busy "bald man" wearing a hard hat. He is machao. In 1986, 17-year-old Ma Chao followed his father's footsteps into the factory and became a worker. He didn't expect that this job would last for 28 years

28 years ago, machao was a "zero foundation" Porter. 28 years later, he was a famous assembly and welding expert of the group company. During 28 years, machao explained the simplicity, frankness, hard work, discipline and responsibility of industrial workers with persistence and perseverance

from Porter to cold worker, the change of work type has enabled Ma Chao to learn new skills. During more than 20 years of working in cold worker, he has been conscientious in his work, excelsior in technology, and enthusiastic in helping his colleagues. In 2013, the agreement was valid for five years. When he just took over the assembly and welding team, Ma Chao also had a "headache". The two types of work, cold work and electric welder, were allocated into a team, and the team members increased from more than a dozen to more than 30. The work content changed from the single process of assembly to the whole process of assembly and welding. However, he was full of toughness. Relying on the seriousness of frequent communication, frequent communication and more learning, he firmly mastered the welder technology and carried out the new work with full confidence, Since he served as the leader of the fourth group of assembly and welding, he has led the team members to tackle key problems and overcome difficulties together, creating one enviable success after another and escorting the production of the enterprise

entering the team lounge of machao, a row of awards showed the team's unity and excellent skills. In terms of team management, machao adheres to the principle of "people-oriented" and actively encourages team members to participate in various skills training and competitions. At the same time, the team opens a reading corner to encourage team members to learn theoretical knowledge and create a learning atmosphere of "catching up, helping and Surpassing". "Technical pacesetter" and "technical expert who shares the market dividend of global new energy vehicles driving the rapid growth of lithium battery materials", there are countless members who have won such honorary titles in Ma Chao's team

in the eyes of colleagues, Ma Chao is a well deserved "model worker". He takes the shuttle bus to work in the morning, takes the last subway home in the evening after a busy day, and never sees him rest on Saturdays and Sundays, leaving more time for work and less time for his family to combine it with composite materials. This year, two old people in Ma Chao's family left one after another. When his father left to catch up with the busiest time in the car room, Ma Chao couldn't take care of his father and didn't invite a day off. Someone asked him if he regretted it. He said that his father, who has been a worker all his life, must understand him

in the 1990s, the enterprise experienced a difficult period. Some people left the enterprise, and Ma Chao always stuck to his job. "My father is an old employee of the factory. I went to the factory when I was a child. I can't leave because the factory temporarily has difficulties in protecting the environment because of its high-efficiency carbon layer protection. I believe she can be good." This adherence to the factory and this special worker complex accompany Ma Chao to witness the development of the enterprise. "Now the enterprise is getting better and better. In the past, products were only sold at home, but now products are sold abroad. I'm proud to be a worker." As the enterprise goes global, Ma Chao's life has also changed. A few years ago, he and his wife bought a new house, and life is booming day by day

for 28 years, Ma Chao has been conscientious in his work, interpreting the perseverance and tenacity of industrial workers. He said that it was all because he was the son of workers. It is believed that Ma Chao will lead his team to create more brilliance for the development of the enterprise in the future

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