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Northern Futures: the Japanese glue fluctuated in a narrow range, and the Shanghai glue test finished supporting the test resistance

the message side was relatively calm, and the TOCOM glue fluctuated in a narrow range under the guidance of technical factors. The benchmark January contract ended at 254.50 yen/cm and opened the plotter switch to close. If there is a surplus peak in the gradient elution, it is currently down 0.3 yen, and market sentiment is still negative After Shanghai Jiaotong opened slightly higher today, it rose all the way driven by buying, and fell back after encountering obstacles. Ru0711 contract ended at 19485 yuan/ton. From the perspective of positions, long and short positions continue to increase, but short positions still occupy an advantage

in terms of spot goods, the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand fell, and the tight supply of rainfall in Thailand's production areas was relieved. Uss3 rubber in Heai central market was reported at 66.92 baht per kilogram and 67.56 baht per kilogram on Wednesday. The domestic Nongken No. 5 standard glue was suspended for 1140 tons today, with an average price of 18760 yuan/ton, and there was no transaction. Due to the sluggish domestic demand, transactions in the domestic and foreign spot markets are not active

technically, in recent trading days, the center of gravity of Japanese glue has shifted downward, and it has been unable to break above the line of 260 yen for a long time. In the future market, it may encounter more selling pressure, and it is expected to continue to fluctuate downward. After repeated tests of the underlying support, Shanghai Jiaotong increased its positions in large quantities today. The previous test of the 19500 line failed. In the short term, there is expected to be competition near this price, but the concentrated short position reached 12% It casts a shadow on the upside of the futures price. Operationally, it is suggested that short-term short selling can be carried out near 19500, waiting for the completion of morphological consolidation

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