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Northern heavy industry: see how China's "major complete sets" go global

Northern heavy industry: see how China's "major complete sets" go global

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Guide: on October 24, 2012, after several rounds of competition, northern heavy industry group from Shenyang, China, became the general contractor of the Gongqing power plant project constructed by Vietnam's largest private power enterprise, that is, the general contractor of the turnkey project, The total amount of the two phases of the project is as high as $1.562 billion, equivalent to nearly 10 billion people

on October 24, 2012, after several rounds of competition, Beifang heavy industry group, from Shenyang, China, became the general contractor of the Gongqing power plant project built by Vietnam's largest private power enterprise, that is, the general contractor of the "turnkey project". The total amount of the two phases of the project was up to $1.562 billion, equivalent to nearly 10 billion yuan. This is the largest single overseas order obtained by Liaoning enterprises so far; Previously, NORINCO also received orders of nearly 4billion yuan from India, Uzbekistan and other countries

this is a major outbreak of Shenyang equipment manufacturing enterprises who have been dedicated to tackling difficulties for many years and have accumulated a lot; This is a comprehensive transformation of state-owned enterprises and product upgrading in the old industrial base of Liaoning, and it exceeds the main requirements of cars in terms of low volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, low fog, low odor, and no impact on paint adhesion! This is a concentrated reflection of China's heavy industry enterprises' high-end equipment and major complete sets entering the international market

from the beginning of the group's reorganization in December 2006, northern heavy industry has been aiming at "high-end equipment and major complete sets" with the sense of mission of the eldest son of the Republic's industry and the highest level of the heavy industry: from the complete sets of equipment for Ethiopian cement production lines in 2008, northern heavy industry complete sets of projects have grown from scratch, and the varieties have also expanded from the past single cement production lines to large complete sets of equipment such as metallurgy, mining, ports, etc, Become the representative of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises to go global in major complete sets

six years ago, the output value of Shenzhong and Shenkuang, the predecessor of northern heavy industry, did not exceed 2billion yuan, and the total self operated foreign exchange earnings of the two enterprises were about 10million US dollars; In 2011, the sales revenue of northern heavy industry has exceeded 13billion yuan, and the profit and tax has reached 630million yuan; This year, self operated foreign exchange earning is expected to reach US $300million, and various data are in the forefront of the industry

"since the establishment of the group, we have always stood at the forefront of the industry, focused on the international market, and always aimed at high-end equipment and major complete sets." Geng Hongchen, chairman of the group, said, "in line with the general trend of international industrial development, it has finally formed a strong core competitiveness and unique advantages in high-end complete sets." There are figures to prove: in 2008, the complete set of heavy industry projects in North China accounted for only 14.6% of the total self operated orders in that year, and 58% in 2011

since 2008, under the background of severe economic situation and sluggish demand in the heavy industry, northern heavy industry has integrated and concentrated various advantageous resources, focusing on high-end and major complete sets. It has not only survived and developed in the cold winter, but has finally become a model and representative of "major complete sets" of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises to go global and enter the international market

span: from single machine to major equipment and high-end complete sets, write the new advantages of made in China

Shenyang Shenxi industrial corridor in Liaoning Province, where a number of world-class equipment manufacturing enterprises stand, and Northern heavy industry is the leader

beside the gate of the factory, "major equipment, high-end complete sets" Eight Golden characters shine in the sun

under the guidance of this eight character strategy, the "young" heavy equipment enterprise northern heavy industry group began to destroy cities and villages in the international market, seize cities and seize land, and good news came frequently:

as the general contractor of the project, it won the "turnkey project" of Vietnam Gongqing power plant, including the construction of two phases of power plants and coal handling terminals with high prices. North heavy industry group is responsible for all the work of the whole power plant and wharf, from design, equipment supply, civil engineering installation, personnel training, to the overall handover of the power plant

in June this year, the EPC project of 6000 ton/day cement production line of European cement group in Uzbekistan and the project of 2# sintering production line and raw material processing system of pokaro steel plant of Indian iron and steel administration Co., Ltd. won the bid, and the contract value of two large orders reached 2.3 billion yuan; In August, it signed a procurement contract with the African mining company and won a contract of nearly US $40million for the phase I reconstruction project of Sierra Leone iron mine, providing it with two bucket wheel stacker reclaimers, four belt conveyors, transfer station corridors and two heavy plate feeders; On October 16, a purchase contract of about 34million euros was signed for the Middle East Metro project to provide two shield machines, a 6.32-meter double shield hard rock equipment and a 6.32-meter double-mode shield machine

with the Vietnam Gongqing power plant project, NORINCO received orders of more than 13billion yuan in overseas markets alone this year

previously, NORINCO also completed a number of complete sets of projects, such as the 4000 ton/day cement production line of Ethiopian Ambo cement company, Indian pellet plant, South African mine mill, rotary kiln, etc; Vale Oman pellets worth 70million US dollars and Iran sintering project worth 60million euros, and nearly ten orders exceeding 10 million US dollars; The two EPB shield machines manufactured for metro projects in cities in the Middle East are the first time that domestic shield machines have entered the international market

in fact, this enterprise, which has made repeated gains in the international market, has been established for less than six years. It was reorganized from the original Shenyang Heavy Industry Group and Shenyang Mining Group in December 2006. As the "mother machine" of China's heavy machinery industry, in the history of the development of China's machinery industry, Shenyang Heavy Machinery Group (Shen Zhong) and Shenyang Mining Machinery Group (Shen Kuang) are both thunderous. They are symbolic enterprises of China's machinery industry moving towards industrialization, and they are also the city card of Shenyang. However, due to historical and institutional reasons, they both suffer serious losses

the reorganization of the two companies has enabled the North heavy industry group to form a relatively complete manufacturing system for mining, smelting, power stations and so on, opened up the upstream and downstream industrial chain from mining to metallurgy and power generation, and created conditions for the transformation from a manufacturer simply providing equipment to an engineering contractor

Geng Hongchen, who was transferred from the position of general manager of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. to the chairman of North heavy industry, was appointed at the critical moment. With the strong support of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and the full cooperation of the group team and all employees, combined with the development trend of the industry, he decisively put forward the enterprise strategy of "major equipment, high-end complete sets"

general contracting is one of the important signs to measure the level of equipment manufacturing industry, and it is also the best shortcut to master the voice of the industry. "A simple example is like home decoration. You can make furniture, floor tiles and walls, but you still can't decorate yourself." The person in charge of the North Heavy Industry Import and export company metaphorically. The production and sales of single machines and single equipment are always for others. They are servants and small guys. They can only earn hard money by cheap labor and resource consumption. They can neither obtain price dominance nor obtain comprehensive processes and core technologies, but can only be the trackers of the industry. On the contrary, it is very different

the decision-makers of northern heavy industry have a deep understanding of this. I heard such a story in an interview with northern heavy industry. In 2010, northern heavy industries competed with three enterprises including Krupp in Kazakhstan for a complete set of crushing and dumping transportation system project in an open-pit mine. Finally, northern heavy industries won the bid with us $99.35 million. As the general contractor, Krupp, a German giant with the world's top crusher manufacturing technology, also had to step into the northern heavy industry for many times for the sales of three crushers needed for the project. Finally, after a new round of bidding, Krupp's three crushers totaled about US $10million, which was a big difference from the nearly US $100 million turnkey contract of northern heavy industry

"in the past, we could only do single machines, and we worked for multinational giants; now after independent innovation, we have won the complete set project. In order to sell single crushers, industry giants such as Krupp have to work for us in turn. This is the difference between single machines and complete sets." Group leader introduction

northern heavy industry has reorganized the industry and identified 10 leading products: tunnel engineering equipment (shield machine), electric power equipment, building materials equipment, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, coal machinery, port equipment, environmental protection equipment, forging equipment, engineering machinery and transmission machinery. The group has also stepped into the ranks of "top 500 world machinery" and "top 500 Chinese enterprises"

Innovation: core technology makes Chinese manufacturing hard

because it covers a wide range of fields and produces a wide range of products, some people once thought that northern heavy industry lacked core technology and main products

enter this first-class heavy industry enterprise in China, and you will find that it is almost a treasure house of the heavy industry. The "full face tunnel boring machine test and development center" with an area of 10000 square meters is shocking. "This is a world-class experimental research base." Many foreign experts who have visited here made such comments

full face tunnel boring machine (hereinafter referred to as shield machine) is the most advanced tunnel construction machine in the world, which integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing, geological and geophysical exploration, information processing, guidance and other disciplines and technologies that can be widely used in the field of flexible electronics and automatic control. It is widely used in the construction of urban subway, railway, highway tunnels, water diversion projects, municipal construction and other tunnel projects

shield machine is a landmark product of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, which has a development history of more than 100 years abroad, while China's shield machine industry has gradually developed in recent years. Therefore, in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and "Twelfth Five Year Plan", the state has listed the shield machine as a major technical equipment to be developed

in July 2007, NORINCO decisively acquired German wilt holding company/French NFM company, which has the world's famous brand and core technology of tunnel boring machines. The shield machine manufacturing technology has reached the international advanced level, and NORINCO has also leapt into the ranks of world-class shield machine manufacturing bases. In order to build a world-class full face tunneling machine development base, through mergers and acquisitions, NORINCO has built a world-class shield machine research and development center and high-end talent training and practice base in Shenyang and Lyon, France, and built the only shield machine experimental base in China

northern heavy industry blocked the import, and the domestic shield machine tunnelled the Beijing diameter line, Tianjin diameter line and Wuhan river crossing tunnel, contributing to China's equipment manufacturing industry. In the spring of 2008, two sets with a diameter of 11 The 38 meter slurry balanced shield machine has successively realized the double track connection in Wuhan Yangtze River tunnel project. Having withstood the test of extremely complex geological conditions such as high water pressure and large cross-section at the depth of 60 meters under the Yangtze River, the Shenzhong shield machine has opened a new era for domestic shield machines to cross the river and sea with excellent performance. The two EPB shield machines manufactured for the metro project in the Middle East have also achieved the first time that domestic shield machines have entered the international market

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