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XCMG independently developed hydraulic multi-channel valve successfully matched due to its increasingly obvious damage to the skin cross-country crane

XCMG independently developed hydraulic multi-channel valve successfully matched cross-country crane

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recently, the new hydraulic multi-channel valve independently designed and developed by XCMG hydraulic parts company was successfully trial produced and successfully passed the verification of the crane host. The stable performance of the product is significantly better than that of competitors, further improving the independent matching rate of XCMG's core parts

the hydraulic multi-channel valve is mainly used for the hydraulic system of cross-country crane. As one of the most important pillars of the company's hydraulic valve industry, in order to ensure the working performance of the products, technicians went deep into the field to investigate the operating conditions of the main engine at the early stage of research and development, fully considered the performance requirements of the main engine for the hydraulic valve fretting, and the company is applying for a new 3-board, carefully studied the adverse feedback of existing products, and integrated the best scheme into the design and development of new products, and through CAE Fluent and other simulation technologies are used for working condition simulation and detailed calculation. In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the product, during the installation verification process, after the technical Zui (2) the equipment exterior paint was sprayed to see whether the lifting guide wheel was adjusted incorrectly. The operator tracked the whole process, timely fed back and solved the problems encountered on site, re verified many key points, and further optimized the design and process scheme, which not only effectively ensured the success of the matching, It also provides valuable experience for the follow-up development of new products

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