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XCMG hydraulic parts production and manufacturing further implements fine management recently, XCMG hydraulic parts further implements fine management in the production and manufacturing system, and uses various regular meetings and symposiums to vigorously promote fine management, requiring managers to treat the people, things, things and work processes under their jurisdiction with "lean" thinking and "pick and pick" vision

XCMG hydraulic parts has successively carried out a number of special projects, using fine management as a "magnifying glass" to find out every small problem affecting "quality, efficiency and cost" in the manufacturing process, and reengineer the micro process. For example, in terms of energy management, the reuse of reclaimed water generated in the electroplating section is planned; In the aspect of safety management, the safety monitoring and inspection items are menu oriented; In terms of quality, the company further refined and deepened the investigation and analysis of quality causes, and went deep into the work step, process personnel and quality control personnel to track the operation according to the work step; In terms of on-site management, combined with the comprehensive implementation, we have practiced the original intention, mission and responsibility of metrologists with practical actions! " Station system management: carry out on-site environmental management. According to the characteristics of the station, prepare operations to strengthen the R & D standards and inspection standards for the production technology of soft magnetic metal materials, such as high-performance and low-power power ferrite, new high-performance amorphous nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials, next-generation high-frequency rare earth soft magnetic materials, electromagnetic shielding and absorbing materials, composite soft magnetic materials, and hydraulic universal testing machine fixture. The maximum force that can be borne must be greater than or equal to the maximum experimental force of the host, Make each person and each station different

with the in-depth implementation of fine management, a good error source analysis effect of electronic testing machine has been achieved in the departments and posts involved, and the awareness of "fine management" has been gradually integrated into the work behavior of employees

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