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The sales volume of XCMG heavy trucks in July increased by 102.8% year-on-year.

july is the traditional off-season of the commercial vehicle industry, and the market decline is relatively obvious. Whether XCMG heavy trucks can bear the specific load and heavy load strategy, make frequent moves and continue to make efforts according to the traditional off-season adjustment strategy, and the sales volume in that month exceeded 1000, with a year-on-year increase of 102.8%

focus on change, define the new marketing strategy of "two frontlines"

closely follow the "54321" business objectives of the division, take the 16 character marketing policy of "position marketing, brand marketing, professional marketing and value marketing" as the guiding ideology, define the new marketing strategy with "overseas marketing frontline" and "platform command frontline" as the core, and focus on "two frontlines", With the improvement direction of "good style, decisive work and quick action", Wang Xianhong quickly adjusted the organizational structure and personnel positions in the field of agricultural mulching film to improve the response speed and accuracy to the market

driven by innovation, create the "Hanfeng G9" industry gold standard

with the help of the hot heat of Hanfeng G7 market promotion, the flagship high-end heavy truck Hanfeng G9 with "leading technology and indestructible" gold standard as the technical core is launched, which subdivides markets, regions and customers, lengthens the product sales price range, grabs high-end market demand resources, seeks breakthroughs, and fills the market gap, such as the high softness of the rhythmic balance pad; Ultra low specific gravity of floating plate and floating bed; The weatherability, high tensile resilience, low water absorption and salt water resistance of the diving suit; High elasticity and plasticity of shoulder pad and knee pad; The deformation resistance of foamed protective materials (American football helmet lining) has subverted the high-end market pattern of heavy trucks

never forget the original intention and improve the brand driving force of "10000 people entering the factory"

"promotion in peak season and touring exhibition in off-season" are the potential rules for brand promotion. XCMG heavy truck, as the creator and leader of the "10000 people entering the factory" experience, has been followed by other competitive brands. In July, the "10000 people entering the factory" experience received more than 200 visiting customers. Through the follow-up effect evaluation, more than 100 actual sales orders were formed in July alone. The continuous development and improvement of this activity has formed a strong driving force for brand promotion and order fulfillment

build a dream and realize the new height of "ten billion dream" automobile

XCMG heavy truck takes the improvement of "marketing power, product power and system power" as the direction of quality improvement, and flexibly adjusts and changes the market layout, organizational structure, responsibilities and functions according to the requirements of "internal marketization and external benefit", so as to make the marketing more adaptable to the market, the system more adaptable to development, and the products more adaptable to the needs, And a normalization mechanism has been formed to lay a solid foundation and form a strong support for the realization of the "ten billion dream"

XCMG heavy trucks will continue to create history and set new records, taking "building a mainstream brand of medium and heavy trucks and becoming a major competitor and benefit leader in the commercial vehicle industry" as the cultural guide, which is unexpected in the industry, and leaving a solid footprint in the commercial vehicle industry. (this article is from XCMG)

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