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XCMG lifting machinery linkage industrial chain jointly promotes sustainable development

XCMG lifting machinery linkage industrial chain jointly promotes sustainable development

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Internet era is an era of resource sharing, mutual embrace and collaborative progress. Relying solely on traditional competitive means has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of the development of the new era. Changing thinking, cross-border coordination, upgrading its own development model, improving the core competitiveness system, optimizing the industrial competition order, building a close community of destiny, and cultivating benign sustainable development formats have become the era proposition of common concern of the whole industry. In this regard, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, said that XCMG must strive to make a breakthrough in technology upgrading and business model transformation, achieve a leap in quality in products and complete solutions, make a leap in the innovation of Internet platforms and the deep integration of relevant stakeholders, and play an important role in promoting the high-end, branding and sustainable development of the industrial chain

On the afternoon of November 22, Shanghai Pudong Xinghewan Liquor Co., Ltd. did not know how much the general tension machine cost. XCMG hoisting machinery "4.0 new wind vane" hoisting industry chain sustainable development summit forum attracted more than 300 high-end customers at home and abroad, including high-end users in six major industries, industry consulting experts, private large hoisting equipment leasing enterprises, overseas large-scale engineering construction enterprises Representatives of leasing enterprises and domestic and foreign dealers conducted in-depth discussions on "strategic development positioning, interconnection and integration, and industrial ecological chain". The strategic thinking of self innovation, the discussion on the mode of deep integration, and the research and judgment on the path of harmonious symbiosis promoted the participants' systematic thinking from their own strategic development to mutual integration development, and then to industrial linkage development

zhanghanxu, deputy general manager of XCMG hoisting machinery division, delivered a speech on the development of hoisting industry chain from previous BMW conferences

getting it right and stronger - Discussion on mode innovation in the Internet era

discussion on specialty, symbiosis - integration of sustainable development

vice president of XCMG machinery Luchuan, general manager of the hoisting machinery division, made a speech at the summit forum, saying that "we should change the current situation of lack of strategic determination, lack of strategic implementation support system and extensive management", "we should promote the integration of platforms, technologies and business models with an open platform thinking" "The future must not be a life and death competition, but a competition and cooperation model of dislocation development and synergy, and it is an interdependent ecosystem." while expressing their opinions, the national customers who are keen to pay attention to this activity have left messages on the forum platform, reflecting the consensus that they want to purify the industrial ecological environment

XCMG hoisting machinery division jointly issued 4.0 principles for sustainable development of hoisting industry chain with large central enterprises such as petrochemical, chemical, nuclear, petroleum, thermal power, hydropower, railway, highway, port, shipping, metallurgy and mining, as well as private large hoisting equipment leasing enterprises, overseas large engineering construction enterprises, leasing enterprises and domestic and foreign dealers. The principle points directly to the pain points affecting the sustainable development of the hoisting industry chain from four aspects, and clearly establishes the action direction of reform and development

the release of the principle at the conference site brought a series of chain reactions. Another insider asked "how to promote the implementation of the principle". Many customers said that "although it is difficult, it can not drift with the tide. If you want to live and live better, you should take action", "it is because you have experienced the cruel competition that you should have the motivation and determination to practice it". It is reported that on the basis of reaching a consensus, XCMG will, in the next step, cooperate with relevant stakeholders to promote the establishment of self-discipline, interaction, mutual benefit and mutual benefit mechanism of the hoisting industry chain step by step, by region and by field. "To change the status quo of the industry and build a benign ecology is like promoting a giant flywheel. It requires a lot of energy from start to operation, but as long as we recognize this direction and firmly adhere to the precision screw pair transmission; 2. The ordinary belt transmission keeps advancing round by round, and Chinese plastic machinery enterprises have expanded the development of emerging markets for extruders over the years until the flywheel has formed the inertia of independent drive." Luchuan, vice president of XCMG group and general manager of the hoisting machinery division, said: "we will finally promote the formation of a 'flywheel effect' for the benign development of the hoisting industry chain."

vice president of XCMG group, Luchuan, general manager of the hoisting machinery division, called for:

we should finally promote the formation of a "flywheel effect" for the benign development of the hoisting industry chain.

experts commented: "We are optimistic about this industry because of the strong advocacy of the industry and the leading enterprise XCMG, the comprehensive response of the customer group, and more importantly, the follow-up actions and mechanisms. As long as we keep going, the crane industry may be the first industry to enter the benign competition ecology". (this article is from XCMG)

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