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XCMG industrial design center was promoted to national level. The author learned from XCMG group on the 13th that the load was applied at the midpoint of the sample. The friendship of XCMG Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. reminds you that operating according to our standards will make your work more smooth. Recently, the design center was recognized as a "national industrial design center" by the Ministry of industry and information technology, becoming the only shortlisted enterprise in the same industry, It provides design innovation support for Jiangsu high-end construction machinery to enter the world

"we have combined art and technology to change the hard construction machinery." Trace Xuemei, director of the industrial design center of XCMG Research Institute, introduced that they integrated the concept of "toy", which not only made the machinery "big" look cute, but also paid more attention to the user experience, so as to comprehensively improve the human-computer comfort, intelligent technology and the application of new material technology. "We also focus on the integrated innovation and engineering utilization of automotive aluminum materials, and are conceiving new operation modes. For example, through the Internet technology, the manipulator will no longer use the operating lever, but become a touch screen or unmanned control. I believe these are no longer dreams in the future."

since the establishment of XCMG Industrial Design Center for more than six years, Xuzhou Industrial Design Institute, Shanghai Industrial Design Institute, European industrial design office and lubricated laboratories for American industrial design have also been established, forming an industrial design research system radiating both at home and abroad. They have completed 41 industrialized products, obtained 121 authorized patents at home and abroad for their research results, and won many industrial design awards such as the "golden spot Award" and "Red Star Award"

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