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XCMG heavy truck Wuxi Hanfeng product promotion conference was grandly held

XCMG heavy truck Wuxi Hanfeng product promotion conference was grandly held

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, Wuxi Ruibo Automobile Trade Co., Ltd., the dealer of XCMG heavy truck in Wuxi, grandly held the "XCMG heavy truck Wuxi Hanfeng product promotion conference curtain wall and large window wall system PNAP 106:1998" at the golden coast of Wuxi, which is the first Hanfeng product promotion conference in Wuxi. More than 200 people attended the event, including all members of XCMG's Jiangsu marketing center affected by the decline of subsidies, heads of relevant units in the heavy card industry in Wuxi, heads of Companies in the transportation and logistics industry, some old users and representatives of the banking and insurance industries

at the promotion meeting, houzilong, director of Jiangsu marketing center of XCMG heavy trucks, introduced the enterprise development history, corporate culture and market positioning of Hanfeng products of XCMG group and XCMG heavy trucks with low TM (55 ~ 60 ℃) and TG (– 60 ℃). Director Hou told the participants that Hanfeng is a product elaborately built by XCMG heavy trucks over three years, with a cumulative assessment mileage of more than 2 million kilometers, which is more reliable, safer, more comfortable A new generation of high-end heavy trucks with more economy and environmental protection, whose vehicle shape, ergonomics and refinement have reached the international advanced level, and whose environmental protection, safety, reliability, durability, handling, power, smoothness, function and configuration are excellent in China. Jiangjianwei, general manager of Wuxi Ruibo Automobile Trade Co., Ltd., introduced the preferential policies of this event, which greatly attracted customers

at the event site, people in charge of transportation and logistics companies kept asking customers about the detailed status of the vehicles, and more customers personally took a test drive to feel the performance of XCMG Hanfeng heavy truck products. They were overwhelmed by Hanfeng's super power, mobile mansion like look and super comfort, The user said, "XCMG Hanfeng products are equipped with a combination of Weichai engine, fast gearbox and hande bridge golden chain, which is exactly the choice for our logistics enterprises to purchase cars!" Nearly 30 sets of orders were obtained on the spot, perfectly opening a new journey of XCMG Hanfeng Wuxi market

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