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Most people who have experience in decoration often talk about decoration. Those who are interested will find that among the endless topics, there are not only their own masterpiece of decoration design, but also the "bitter water" in the decoration process

most people who have experience in decoration often talk about decoration. Interested people will find that among the endless topics, there are not only their own excellent works of decoration design, but also the "bitter water" in the decoration process. Home decoration is a major event for every family, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1 From the economic perspective, urban family decoration can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even more according to the different building areas. For most people, the decoration cost is not a small amount

2. Family decoration is a major event related to whether a family life is comfortable and healthy. After buying a house, a family will basically decorate it once, and will not decorate it again for a few years or even more. Therefore, the quality of decoration is directly related to the quality of life in the future. Even the decoration pollution with more complaints at present will affect the health of family members and seriously threaten their lives. The hidden dangers brought by some concealed decoration projects are related to the life safety of a family, which cannot be ignored

3. In the process of decoration, the owner must participate in the design process of the house. After all, your own home is for yourself. If you completely follow the designer's design plan, it is likely to be someone else's home. In your future life, if you find that your living environment is incompatible with your aesthetics or living habits, it will be a painful thing

almost all people who have come over the decoration have a point of view: decoration is a regrettable project, so before decoration, we must make full preparations to block the decoration regret out of the door. Decoration preparation mainly includes the following seven aspects:

most people who have decoration experience often talk about decoration. Interested people will find that among the endless topics, there are not only their own decoration design works, but also the "bitter water" in the decoration process. Decoration, for many owners who buy new houses and get new house keys, is more exciting and novel, while ignoring the difficulty and complexity of the decoration project. Therefore, before decoration, we must not take decoration lightly, thinking it is a very easy thing, and we should have enough psychological preparation to meet various difficulties and problems that may occur at any time during decoration. Only in this way can we see the trick in the decoration process. Owners who are about to decorate may wish to ask themselves the following questions:

1 How much do I know about the decoration process

2. Do I have enough knowledge about the purchase, installation and layout of building materials and furniture

3. In the process of purchasing building materials and furniture, I am faced with price trap, quality trap and promotion trap of merchants at any time. Do I have enough countermeasures

4. Dissatisfied with the decoration design scheme, is it necessary to start over after the construction has started

5. What if the decoration company delays the construction period

6. Is there any impact on the construction quality caused by plum rain or cold weather during the decoration construction

7. During the decoration construction process, which workers need to pay attention to on-site projects that are easy to do

8. What should the construction workers do if they cut corners, are lazy and slippery? How to deal with them

9. What concealed works exist in the decoration process? How much do I know

there are many such problems. After reading these problems, people who are eager to try decoration may not be relaxed. But seeing problems and difficulties does not mean that we are afraid of difficulties and hold back. In short, strategic contempt, psychological attention, with enough psychological preparation, let's start to decorate our home

"attach great importance, make full preparations, correct mentality, and be cautious" is my sixteen word motto for decoration

★ attach great importance to it: Chairman Mao said that he despised the enemy strategically and attached importance to the enemy tactically. This sentence also applies to decoration. Only when you pay enough attention to decoration, can you seriously study and understand the problems that may be encountered in decoration from the details

★ make adequate preparations: with enough attention, it is not enough. Make adequate preparations for decoration in all aspects. If your mind is full of decoration matters when you eat, walk and sleep, Congratulations, you are initially in a state. Of course, don't go too far. Insomnia all night for decoration is not worth the loss

★ correct attitude: everyone who comes over the decoration has an experience, that is, no matter how perfect your plan and thoughtful you think in the decoration process, you will still have problems and still encounter headaches. In this regard, it is necessary to correct your mentality. Don't think that you should have thought of everything in advance. In the process of decoration, there will always be places you didn't think of, because you are facing not only a pile of materials, but people who have a direct impact on these materials and your decoration effect. It is normal to have various problems in dealing with people, so you should correct your mentality, and soldiers will block, water and earth will be flooded. It's no use complaining. Solving problems is the king way to deal with the trouble of decoration

★ be cautious: during the decoration process, it can be said that there are traps and misunderstandings everywhere. Moreover, from the preparation stage, let's say the preparation of decoration knowledge. If you listen to the words of a family on the Internet, you may fall into a misunderstanding, because what suits others is not necessarily suitable for yourself. In the design stage, there is a trap in hiring a designer. The free meals designed for free may not be delicious, and even turn your stomach. You buy building materials, decorate guerrillas, and cut corners on the construction site... There are traps everywhere, so, Or we should be careful to guard against it. The heart of harming others cannot exist, and the heart of preventing others cannot be absent





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