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Winter is the season with the highest demand for domestic hot water, and it is also the season with frequent failures of water heaters. For example, it is common for water heaters to fail to catch fire, air leakage, and water pipes and tanks to be frozen and cracked, which brings inconvenience to users

winter is the season with the highest demand for domestic hot water and the season with frequent failures of water heaters. For example, it is common for water heaters to fail to catch fire, air leakage, and water pipes and water tanks to be frozen and cracked, which brings users a lot of trouble. If they are not maintained in time, they will bury potential safety hazards

therefore, the maintenance of gas water heaters is very important in winter, so what should we do in life

maintenance skill 1: correct antifreeze

in the cold winter, some users wake up and find that the water pipe of the gas water heater at home has been frozen and cracked, and the blisters have damaged the floor, and some even seeped downstairs. So, is there any good way to prevent the water heater from freezing

1) for non antifreeze water heaters, when the outdoor temperature is close to or lower than 0 ℃, it is recommended to drain the water heater after each use, and drain the accumulated water in the water heater pipeline to prevent the water from freezing and cracking the pipeline and damaging the water heater

2) the antifreeze water heater should always be powered on and the antifreeze module should be in working state

3) when there is no one in the home or no one lives for a long time, the water inlet valve should be closed, and the remaining water in the water heater should be drained in the above way, so as to prevent cold air from entering the water heater and freezing the water fittings, causing water leakage, thereby damaging the furniture, floors, walls, etc. in the home

for areas where the weather temperature is often lower than 0 ℃ in winter, it is recommended that you choose and buy antifreeze water heaters, but the antifreeze effect of various brands on the market is uneven, so we must ask about the antifreeze principle when choosing

for example, Fangtai's antifreeze water heater is equipped with an automatic heating device (with 2 magnesium powder heating rods and 3 Ceramic antifreeze heating blocks) and an independent anti backdraft device. On the one hand, it can effectively prevent the cold air from pouring back into the machine from the smoke pipe; On the other hand, when the internal temperature of the machine is lower than 5 ℃, the heating device will automatically start to ensure that the remaining water in the pipeline will not freeze, which will freeze and crack the pipeline, causing water leakage. When the temperature is higher than 13 ℃, the heating device will automatically stop, so as to provide antifreeze protection

maintenance skill 2: prevent air leakage

it is cold in winter, and cracks are easy to appear at the valve connection after thermal expansion and cold contraction, so there will be a risk of gas leakage. In order to ensure the safety of use, you should not only pay attention to opening windows for ventilation, but also regularly check the water heater:

1) it is recommended to close the gas valve after using the water heater to avoid gas leakage as much as possible

2) regularly check whether the air supply pipeline (rubber hose, main valve) is intact, aging and cracks

method: after making foam with soapy water, apply it evenly on the hose connection, observe whether there are bubbles, and judge whether there is air leakage. If there is air leakage, try to stop it or contact the maintenance personnel

maintenance skill 3: pay attention to cleaning

most domestic gas water heaters are installed in the kitchen. After long-term contact with oil fume, oil stains will accumulate on the surface of the machine. If they are not cleaned in time, the keys of the water heater may fail. To avoid this, it is also necessary to regularly clean and maintain the outside of the water heater

a. external cleaning

1) often wipe the outside with a wet towel, but pay attention not to use acidic, alkaline and other cleaning agents

2) it is also important to clean the outer layer of the gas water heater pipeline, but it must be ensured that the main valve of the natural gas pipeline is closed before cleaning

3) when cleaning, do not use hot water. Just wipe it with a wet cloth

b. internal cleaning

you can handle the external cleaning of the water heater by yourself at ordinary times, but the internal cleaning requires the disassembly of the water heater. It is recommended not to disassemble it by yourself, and you must contact professional after-sales service personnel for treatment. Therefore, we should also understand the after-sales service of various brands. For example, Fangtai gas water heater will provide cleaning and maintenance services - after the water heater has been used for a certain amount of time, the machine display will show "maintenance". At this time, you can call the service hotline and contact professional service personnel to provide maintenance services

in addition to the above maintenance of the water heater, what else should we pay attention to in our daily life

precautions 1: keep good ventilation

in winter, the outdoor temperature is low, and people usually close the doors and windows when bathing. When bathing for a long time or there is gas leakage, hypoxia and gas poisoning are easy to occur, so pay more attention when bathing:

1) do not hang objects on the exhaust port of the room, so as not to cause air circulation

2) when using the water heater, it is recommended to keep the environment where the water heater is installed well ventilated

3) the bathing time should not exceed 30 minutes to avoid hypoxia

in northern areas where the temperature is low in winter or when the water heater needs to be installed in the cabinet, it is recommended that you choose a balanced gas water heater. For example, Fangtai's balancing machine adopts a fully enclosed box structure, and the oxygen required for combustion is taken from the outside, which will not consume indoor oxygen and cause hypoxia. The exhaust gas generated by combustion is forcibly discharged outdoors through the action of fans to protect the safety of families

precautions 2: avoid fire and scald

1) avoid placing flammable (towels, rags) and volatile substances around the water heater to cause a fire

2) turn on the safety lock function, which can effectively avoid scalding

nowadays, many gas-fired water heaters on the market have the function of temperature safety lock (when using hot water, prevent others from misoperation and adjust the temperature too high to cause burns). For example, Fangtai's magnetized constant temperature series has the function of 50 ° safety lock, so you can pay attention to it when using or purchasing

how many secrets have you learned about the winter maintenance of gas water heaters

take precautions and master the correct maintenance method of gas water heater in winter, so that you can spend the winter safely





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