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The towel rack in the bathroom is a necessary appliance for many families now. With the towel rack in the bathroom, it is very convenient for us to place towels, washcloths, etc. The towel rack can not only hang towels, but also be used to decorate the bathroom, so people will choose a beautiful bathroom towel rack to decorate the bathroom. Then, the editor will introduce the purchasing skills of towel rack in the bathroom, hoping to help you

purchasing skills of towel rack in bathroom

1. The commonly used materials of towel rack mainly include stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, iron, plastic, etc. the towel rack made of stainless steel is not easy to rust and has strong surface stability, which is also the most commonly used. The plastic towel rack is not as long as other materials in life, but plastic can be processed into a variety of colors and shapes, which is suitable for users who do not use it for a long time

2. The structures of towel racks on the market now include single/double-layer, one pole/multi pole, one end closed/multi end closed, spacing fixed/movable, hook type/suction cup type/screw fixed type, etc. one end closed type is easier to hang above than two end closed type. The installation price of suction cup type is cheap, but it is easy to fall off. The fixed type should be determined according to the material and wall of towel rack, Therefore, we must carefully choose a practical structure when choosing

3. With the increasing diversity of people's needs, there are also various towel rack designs in the market, which are also colorful in color. In terms of technology, it is no longer just golden space aluminum, but also antique, antique, wire drawing, paint baking and other processes. The space aluminum towel rack with paint baking process is the most durable, which is later than the care

4. The towel rack also needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly. It is not necessary to take care of the towel rack with good quality. First, the toilet environment should be kept dry and ventilated, and the water stains on the surface should be wiped frequently. The towel rack cannot be placed in a humid and unventilated environment for a long time, which is easy to cause rust and qualitative change. It should be maintained twice a month

installation method of towel rack in toilet

1. The general requirements for the installation size (height) of towel rack (including towel ring, towel rod, towel rack, etc.) are as follows

first point: the height of towel ring from the ground is 900-1400mm

second point: the height of towel bar from the ground is 1100-1200mm; (double pole towel rack: it can be installed on the open wall in the central part of the bathroom. When installed separately, it is about 1.5 meters above the ground. Single pole towel rack: it can be installed on the open wall in the central part of the bathroom, about 1.5 meters above the ground;

third point: the towel rack is installed above the bathtub, generally opposite the faucet, 1600mm high from the ground.

2. The towel rack can be installed with plastic expansion pipe and copper screws. On one hand, the ceramic tile has a small wound, which is easy to operate, and on the other hand, it is easy to operate It will not rust and is easy to repair

3. The color of the towel rack should match the faucet and mirror (such as makeup round mirror). For example, the edge of the faucet should be silver white, and the edge of the towel rack should also be silver white, or there should be no edge at all, but do not use gold edge, otherwise it will make people feel very incongruous

4. Before installation, you can pinch one end of the hanging rod of the towel rack with one hand and wipe it from one end to the other with the other hand. If the quality is inferior, you will feel small burrs and even peeling paint chips. These evils are hard to find by meat eyes. In addition, we should pay attention to the electroplating and coating quality of each shelf base. The angle of view and incident light are both 70 DEG; It is easy to detect defects when the left and right are relative

5. During installation, use an electric drill to drill a hole in the wall, put the expansion screw in, and then tighten the screw with a screwdriver. In addition, during installation, it is worth noting that the fixing points of each base are generally equipped with head screws, which cannot be slippery or rotten, otherwise it will be difficult to fix. We can use a small screwdriver to try this when purchasing, and buy after we are optimistic about the quality

editor's summary: that's all about the purchasing skills of towel racks in the bathroom. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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