Transparent decoration of study is the fundamental

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"Si is a humble room, but I have virtue". In the overall layout, the study should reflect this point most, but how to decorate the study with both personality and connotation can be very learned

transparent and bright is the foundation of the study

the most important lighting is the window, but it is not wise to put the desk in the window, especially the window facing south. The designer believes that the desk should have a certain distance or angle from the window to avoid direct sunlight and eye irritation. The space left between the desk and the window can be used as a place to exercise or watch the scenery and relax when you are tired. In case of night lighting, lamps should be functional rather than decorative. It is best to use shadowless lighting. The light should be as soft as morning light without flickering, so as to reduce visual fatigue

create the artistic beauty of the study

the most important thing in the impression of the study is the tone. Mr. Chen, the chief designer, has mature views, and should use cold colors in terms of colors. Under the condition of not conflicting with the overall style, he should be elegant, simple, quiet and solemn. Some handicrafts can be decorated in the bookcase, and the wall is decorated with wall hanging, calligraphy and painting, which can reflect the owner's interest and cultivation. In color, light brown or light yellow frames can be hung on the white wall. Apple green walls can be matched with golden frames

study decoration should pay attention to functionality

the most important thing of the study is its learning function. Quiet is very necessary for the study. Only in a "disordered ear without silk and bamboo" environment can we work and study better. Therefore, when decorating the study, we should choose decorative materials with good sound insulation and absorption effects. For example, the ceiling can be made of sound-absorbing gypsum board, the wall can be decorated with PVC sound-absorbing board or upholstered decorative cloth, the floor can be made of carpet with good sound-absorbing effect, and the curtain can be made of thicker materials to block the noise outside the window. If it is a study isolated by a curtain, you should choose a cloth with sound insulation effect. The color should not jump too much to avoid distracting




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