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I haven't met tupley wallpaper. Maybe you didn't know that you can "change your old home" in 8 hours! Tupley wallpaper has its own "Galaxy secret service", giving you a new home with a new look

it is often said that "life needs a sense of ceremony", but how many people can't meet their little wishes because they are busy

the fast pace and tension of life and work will always make people forget how to enjoy life, even if it is a cup of tea and a light. But after dinner, have you ever thought about changing your home

stick a smart mural, lay a lucky constellation wallpaper, and have a warm and romantic bedside background. In fact, the real life is to be at ease and comfortable, and spend the time in a funny and noisy time...

I didn't meet tupley wallpaper, maybe you didn't know that you can "change your old home for a new face" in 8 hours! Tupley wallpaper has its own "Galaxy secret service". In Beijing area, in a house with an area of about 90 square meters, if there are not many furniture (the wall surface should be clean and flat, and there should be no potholes), it can give you a new home with a new look almost 8 hours a day

first, let's see what the background of Lao Wang's personalized sofa looks like

before the wallpaper is pasted

after the wallpaper is pasted - the wallpaper is from the tepri constellation wallpaper fire ・ fw1002syw

look, the bedside background of Lao Li's family is so warm! Lao Li said, "the wallpaper on the background wall at the head of the bed feels super good. The thickness and texture of the paper when it is pasted are really useless. Just touch it and you will know that you can drink tea and wait to go."

don't talk much, talk with pictures. Some people say that Lao Li's family is dominated by his daughter-in-law

the bedside background of Lao Li's family

before the wallpaper is pasted

after the wallpaper is pasted - the wallpaper is derived from tupley's romance full house ・ lh6004

don't underestimate the decorative effect of the wallpaper. One wall immediately makes your home look good at several stars, for example: this same room wallpaper: just one word "dazzling beauty"

before pasting the wallpaper

after pasting the wallpaper - the wallpaper comes from the real cases of several "old home for a new look" in tupley's "refueling youth". I think every beauty lover will be ready to move. I recommend several kinds of wallpapers that make you heartthrob, never tire of seeing anything, sweet and warm

wallpaper recommendation

mural impression

jungle ta1301

indigo deer shadow ta1002

constellation water ・ ripples after rain



constellation fire ・ dazzling starry sky



three dimensional space? Silk dance



perfume lily? Forest of flowers



have so many beautiful wallpapers made you palpitating? Give your home a new look

Tupli wallpaper

Beijing Tupli decoration and binding materials Co., Ltd., founded in 1976, is an innovative enterprise in the production, operation and sales of wallpaper. Now it has developed into a large wallpaper enterprise integrating design, R & D, production, sales and service. Adhering to the business philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by innovation; provide advanced products and achieve satisfactory service", it has been active in the development of China's wallpaper industry for more than 40 years, and has been constantly moving towards fashion, technology and environmental protection. At present, it has entered the world wallpaper market. Tepli has introduced more than 30 production equipment from Japan, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Italy and other countries and regions, with an annual production capacity of more than 80million square meters

(image and text source: tupley wallpaper, invasion and deletion)





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