Xindi Jiamei refuses noise

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Xindi Jiamei uses real life cases to teach you how to refuse noise

at the age of 28, I have my own nest, which is not 80 square meters. I have WiFi, TV, computer and my own car. I am used to living alone. Every Sunday, I like to drive a fast car and listen to slow songs running on the country road alone

I like to be quiet and a little neat, and I don't like parties, let alone parties in my nest. My nest is small but very clean. You will have an immersive feeling when you walk into my house in one bedroom. It is warm, elegant and beautiful. Many friends like to come to my house as a guest, and some even want to move over and have it with me. Unfortunately, I like quiet and the pattern of being alone. Later, a little friend Xizai came to my family

Xizai is huge, picky about food, and doesn't like strangers. If there is a sound outside, it will lose the roar of a lion with a broken heart and lungs. Every time, it will disturb me who is dating with Duke Zhou. I often wake up in the best picture. For a long time, I often lack sleep. I have black circles, and my skin is not as good as it used to be. I stay up late for a long time, and slowly suffer from insomnia, forgetfulness, irritability, anxiety and other neurological and mental symptoms

by chance, I heard in the chat of colleagues in the office that there is a kind of door that can sound insulation - silent door

I was a little surprised that a single door can be so effective, so I went online to check it. It was not surprising:

recently, many well-known wooden door brands have launched "silent door", claiming to effectively reduce indoor noise. The reporter found that some wooden door brands have adopted unique noise reduction technology, while most businesses emphasize that the noise reduction effect can be achieved by increasing the thickness of wooden doors

"mute" comes from the upgrading of mute technology

mute technology. After the flat door and T-shaped mouth, Xindi has created the independent technology patent "45 degree inclined plug structure", which makes the sound propagate along 45 degrees, the stepped shape reduces the decibel of the sound, and integrates the new soft magnetic absorption element, the door is more tightly attached,

to achieve a more sound insulation effect

in addition, the "automatic settlement sealing strip under the door" is upgraded and installed at the bottom of the door, which not only hinders the sound

sound, but also weakens the entry of dust in the house! Between movement and silence, only one door is needed

at first, I just bought one and put it in my room with a try attitude

on the first day, I felt Xizai's voice was much lower. I thought it was because I had a bad rest recently and slept heavily at night. On the second and third days, I slowly felt that Xizai's voice was not lower, but that the mute door was really effective





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