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anything that is only used without maintenance will gradually damage the solid things, so we should learn to maintain the things around us. Now let's take a look at the maintenance methods of bailima doors and windows

first, don't hang heavy objects on the door leaf and avoid sharp objects hitting and scratching. Do not use excessive force when opening or closing the door leaf

second, do not open the door lock with wet hands, or splash corrosive solvent on the wooden door and door lock. Do not use excessive force when opening the door lock or turning the door lock handle. Hinges, door locks and other frequently moving hardware accessories should be tightened immediately when they become loose. When the door lock cannot be opened properly, add an appropriate amount of pencil lead powder and other lubricants to the key hole for lubrication

third, when wiping the glass, do not let the cleaning agent or water penetrate into the gap of the glass batten to avoid the deformation of the batten. Don't use too much force when wiping the glass, so as not to damage the glass and hurt people. Please ask professional personnel to repair the broken glass

fourth, when removing the stains on the surface of the wooden door (such as fingerprints), you can use a soft cloth to wipe it after wetting it with steam. Hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface. When the stain is too heavy, neutral detergent, toothpaste or special detergent for furniture can be used. After decontamination, wipe it immediately. Don't often rub the edges and corners of the wooden door to avoid fading and damage of the decorative materials at the edges and corners. When removing the dust on the wooden door, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove it without using a soft cotton cloth. In order to maintain the gloss and service life of the wooden door surface, it should be cleaned and dedusted regularly, and its surface can be cured with a special curing liquid for wooden decoration products

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