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Shengmei family is building a brand-new lifestyle for its owners with a unique craftsmanship concept to help every customer achieve the mutual equivalence of wealth and dignity

shengmei family Wang Zhibiao: craftsmanship makes life equal to wealth and dignity

Dalian Xinghai Square Yuexing home shengmei family villa Experience Hall has been open for two years since May 2, 2015. Its rapid integration into the industry and its active performance in the terminal market has become the focus of the industry. Recently, in an interview with wangzhibiao, the general manager of shengmei family, it was learned that the secret of shengmei family's continuous attention from villa and mansion owners since its opening is the ingenuity spirit of the brand. Shengmei family is building a new lifestyle for owners with a unique craftsmanship concept to help every customer achieve the mutual equivalence of wealth and dignity

"ingenuity spirit" -- the greatest wealth of brands

looking at the current consumption habits of Chinese people, foreign brands have become the largest share of the mainstream consumer market. More and more household appliances made in Japan, cars made in Germany, leather bags and cosmetics made in France have gone deep into every corner of our life. In fact, whether it is the highest added value of luxury goods or the exquisite quality and shape of daily necessities, what we really admire is the unique ingenuity behind the products. The reason why shengmei aristocratic family can quickly rise against the market when the overall economy is cold in 2015 is precisely because of such a unique craftsman spirit

general manager wangzhibiao said that in the concept of shengmei family, "the spirit of ingenuity has been passed on for a century" is not a fantasy, but a brand belief that has been truly practiced for more than 20 years. "Shengmei family", as a high-end whole house customized brand jointly built by Dalian Shengyou door industry and U.S. global wood industry, accurately replicates and gathers the core essence of Dalian Shengyou door industry in the field of wood products for more than 20 years. Today, with the "whole industry chain" model of the four factories in Shengyou group as the cornerstone of quality assurance, shengmei family controls the customized product quality of the whole wood from the cutting of logs, the processing and assembly of original parts, to the professional production and processing of wooden doors, aluminum windows (including sunshine rooms), sliding doors, wardrobes and wine cellars, to the comprehensive control of perfect logistics distribution and installation construction, to the after-sales service system, and from the source. For shengmei family, "craftsman spirit" is the devotion of the whole team to the brand and customers. It is not only an industry temperament that belongs to a specific field, a focus and sureness, but also a firmness and confidence, a spiritual belonging and pilgrimage. When you love something and are willing to pay persistent enthusiasm and energy for it, you have established a deep friendship that is difficult to name and give up

now, with such an "ingenuity", with its mellow experience in the field of wood products and strong production capacity, and relying on the nearly 30-year American style whole house woodworking experience of shengmei family's American factory, shengmei family invites international design masters to synchronize with the European and American cutting-edge home styles. With personalized design concepts and tastes, profound artistic precipitation and skilled production technology, it will cover wood doors and windows, solid wood ceilings, wallboards, wine cellars Products in the field of cabinets, wardrobes, stairs, furniture and related whole wood customization have truly become a concrete transmission carrier of "home culture", and the brand temperament tends to be perfect

"craftsman makes life" - balance "rich" and "expensive"

the times are constantly changing, and the economy is developing at a high speed. A group of wealthy people in Dalian who took the lead in awakening have deeply felt such an existing contradiction: "rich" is not necessarily equal to "expensive". Just like a joke that a well-known designer in the industry once told at a friend's Party: a group of Chinese tycoons bought a lot of villas in the long island group of the United States, but in their large garden, which should be full of all kinds of flowers and green plants, they saw rows of corn growing vigorously. Maybe this is just a joke, maybe some fabricated elements, but it can explain the real balance between "rich" and "expensive" that Chinese people are difficult to achieve quickly

general manager wangzhibiao said that one of the businesses that shengmei family brand should devote itself to now is to build a brand-new lifestyle of the owner with a unique craftsmanship concept. Shengmei family is not only helping every customer realize their dream of personalized whole wood customized home life, realizing the inheritance and continuation of every family culture, but also helping every customer realize the mutual equivalence of wealth and dignity. In the understanding of general manager Wang Zhibiao, he believes that the noble spirit advocated by the west is not the so-called "explosive household spirit" of showing off and high-profile. It does not mean a life of living in dignity and luxury, but a pioneering spirit centered on a series of values such as honor, responsibility, courage, self-discipline, self-identity and return. Through its own "craftsman spirit", shengmei family is to truly provide customers with an overall solution to the customized home style of the whole house, truly realize the one-stop purchase of customized products and integrated services, deeply interpret noble conduct and dignity with practical actions, and inherit the intangible love for home and infinite hopes for the future with tangible wood customized products, so that everyone can truly become a spiritual aristocrat

in the mind of general manager Wang Zhibiao, the inheritance of brand ingenuity is the same as the inheritance of family culture, which is like wine making. The longer the time, the more mellow the wine. In the future, shengmei family will, as always, uphold its original intention, endow each unique space with handed down classics of both culture and quality life with a unique spirit of ingenuity, find a balanced territory of wealth and spirit for each family, and realize the return of the soul


Dalian Shengyou door industry Co., Ltd., as a world-class leading enterprise of wooden doors, is located in the shisanli Industrial Park of Dalian Free Trade Zone, covering an area of more than 110000 square meters, with more than 1600 employees. At present, it is the only large-scale wood manufacturing enterprise integrating product research and development, production, sales and service of high-grade solid wood doors, solid wood windows, whole wood furniture and other products in Dalian. Its brand products are Shengyou solid wood doors, aluminum clad wood windows, solid wood sliding doors; Shengmei family solid wood wardrobe, whole house customization, etc




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