Virgo single girl's perfect decoration, spend 2000

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I'm a Virgo single woman, who pursues perfect details. The house only looks at second-hand houses, the decoration only invites people to paint the walls, and shopping only goes online. The whole “ Engineering ” From getting the key to checking in, I can do it alone in a month “ Decoration ”, After half a month of idleness, and then more than half a month of laziness, n moved here many times

wallpaper details. The small wall under the windowsill is actually because there are more wallpaper than expected, but even the small wall next to the desk is not enough. Afraid of waste, it seems that it's only enough to stick there

the budget is very small. Because I have no accumulation, I need to buy new things when I move to a new house, but the budget is limited to 50000





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