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Huawei atlas 900 AI cluster won the gold medal of smart Expo products

[China, Suzhou, August 14, 2020] today, the 2020 global artificial intelligence product application Expo (hereinafter referred to as smart Expo) was held in Suzhou. Based on the innovative products and innovative technologies of the artificial intelligence industry, the conference was reviewed by authoritative IT experts and voted by the public, and strictly selected the best practices of AI from innovative, progressiveness, practical applications and other dimensions. Huawei atlas 900 AI cluster won the gold medal of smart Expo products with its global leading AI computing power, extreme cooling system, ultra-high speed cluster network and other characteristics

atlas 900 AI cluster won the gold medal of smart Expo products

at the smart Expo site, Huawei shengteng computing, Huawei cloud products and solutions, and Huawei's landing cases in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, AI forest protection, AI Power Patrol, intelligent + city, intelligent + water conservancy and other industries appeared in the exhibition area, allowing users to experience the intelligent world of interconnected things

Shi Yaohong, vice president of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and President of Huawei cloud and computing China, said that a single branch is not spring, and spring is full of flowers. In the future, Zhiqi needs colleagues in the whole industry chain to work together to promote the AI industry ecology, make the cloud everywhere, make intelligence everywhere, and create the wisdom of the whole scene

as the fastest AI training cluster in the world, the total computing power of atlas 900 can reach 256p ~ 1024p flops @fp16, equivalent to the computing power of 500000 PCs. At the same time, Atlas 900 will benefit from the technical and engineering synergy within Volvo cars and the significant economies of scope brought about by it. It is simple and fast to operate, and has the smallest space under computing power. As the first full liquid cooling AI cluster in the industry, it adopts cabinet level insulation and sealing system and standard hydraulic device system with different electromechanical steps, as well as Huawei's self-developed liquid cooling system. 256 PFlops computing power only requires 16 cabinets, saving more than 80% of the space. What is more noteworthy is that atlas 900 also has excellent energy consumption performance. The liquid cooling system not only saves the room space, but also saves more than 60% of the electricity cost. It is estimated that atlas 900 can reduce the overall TCO of customers by 10% in five years. The outstanding performance of atlas 900 makes AI landing more imaginative

in the afternoon of the same day, Xu Yingtong, President of Huawei shengteng computing business, delivered a speech at the conference, "Huawei atlas enables thousands of industries and helps the digital transformation of the industry". The consolidation method is to press the specified indenter into the tested material with a certain load, which shows that Huawei is committed to building China's AI basic software and hardware platform and jointly promote the development of the AI industry

the imagination atlas 900 brings to AI is just the tip of the iceberg. Huawei has always been committed to building the shengteng computing industry with its partners through the strategies of open hardware, open software and enabling partners, providing industry customers with a full stack of AI computing infrastructure, application solutions and related services, enabling thousands of industries through AI technology, and making intelligence omnipresent

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