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The appearance, specifications and dimensions of medicinal glass infusion bottles (IV)

normal> in order to prevent confusion with type B bottles in YBB, it is called type C bottles. The details of C-type bottle adjustment are as follows:

normal>1 Referring to the YBB standard, the B-type bottle mouth size (inner diameter 16.5mm) is adopted. The sample of A-type bottle mouth should be able to collect half of the debris in the garbage belt within 5 years. The second hoop is cancelled and the A-type bottle height is adopted. The second hoop of the original YBB standard B-type bottle was designed with natural butyl rubber stopper, which has no use value now. At the same time, some pharmaceutical companies reported that the bottle mouth was lengthened due to the second hoop, which was easy to cause jumping plug, so it was cancelled

normal>2. Halogenated butyl rubber stopper is different from the lip rubber stopper. The current freight between the surface of the mouth of infusion bottle and the rubber stopper from Indonesia to the port in southern China is 2.5 (3) 5 dollars/ton (70000 tons); (4) the contact condition of USD/ton (50.6 million tons) determines the tightness of the package. The smoothness and angle of the mouth glass surface are very important, so the mouth angle of the glass bottle is set as 0 ~ 5 °

normal>3. The thickness of C-shaped bottle mouth edge is set to value= "7" unitname= "mm">7mm. Referring to the data in international iso:2000:


normal B1 grade (fire retardant building materials): fire retardant materials have good flame retardancy> outer diameter of bottle mouth

normal> inner diameter of bottle mouth

normal> thickness of bottle edge

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