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Huawei cloud entered South Africa to help enterprises transform into cloud and build smart Africa. On February 12, 2019, the long it R & D cycle web cloud summit was held in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Itweb cloud summit is one of the most influential cloud summits in South Africa. Guests from different industries such as finance, energy, government, operators, etc. most of the participants are experts in the cloud field, business executives and other influential experts and decision makers

the theme of this summit is "how South African enterprises realize the transformation of their operations and infrastructure to embrace the rapidly changing market"

Huawei participated in the conference as a sponsor of the conference, with the theme of enabling cloud and AI to build a fully connected and intelligent Africa, including keynote speeches, booth experience and exchanges. Huawei's capabilities in the field of cloud +ai were highlighted at this conference

Farouk Osman latib, an expert on Huawei's regional solution architecture for Africa in Yunnan, said:

in the era of cloud 2.0, infrastructure must meet the growing needs of the industry. Only in this way can enterprises get more dividends from data

different from the era of cloud1.0, in the era of cloud 2.0, enterprises should not only focus on the needs of it, but also focus on emerging technologies such as AI and lot. Only when cloud and AI are combined, can they cope with and process the massive data in the current society and keep up with the pace of technological progress

the whole B1 level report can also be obtained. During the conference, Huawei's thinking and voice to the industry and enterprise market in South Africa:

in the cloud 2.0 era, enterprise applications have entered the intelligent era, and the next 3-5 years will be the key stage for enterprises to go to the cloud, which will be an issue that needs to be discussed jointly by the carbon fiber composite industry and the automotive industry

ai is very important. Its value performance is to improve the efficiency and quality of internal operation, enhance competitiveness for the future, and create new value for customers. 920 is much more scratch resistant after this nameplate is made of ceramic materials. With the help of cloud +ai, it provides one-stop artificial intelligence platform services for enterprises, and solves practical problems by adapting rich algorithms in various industry fields

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