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Huawei built an agile venue with Dortmund, and 80000 fans enjoyed high-speed WiFi

customer background

Prussia Dortmund football club is a famous club located in Dortmund, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, nicknamed bumblebee. BVB, for short, is a German Bundesliga powerhouse with a long history. Its home stadium, signal Iduna Park, has a maximum capacity of 80645 people, and its average attendance can reach 80552. It was once used as a venue for the 1974 and 2006 World Cup, and is also a famous football tourist attraction in Europe

mobile Internet is booming, and people have been accustomed to enjoying high-speed services anytime, anywhere. The era of all wireless has come. It will sweep every corner of the city, such as stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, bars, squares, etc; You may think that the 3g/4g network of operators is perfect enough to meet people's online needs. However, when you walk into the vast crowd of European football fields, you will understand that this is a huge network demand that only WiFi can carry. The story happened in 2014. The Dortmund home stadium, the football venue with the highest attendance rate in Germany, encountered Huawei WLAN, At this point, the first agile venue in Europe that can meet the needs of 80000 fans

challenges faced by customers

it is imperative to build a wireless platform to comply with the tide of mobile Internet

mobile Internet has penetrated into every corner, and perhaps the next is the football field. Dortmund operators keenly found that such a high-density crowd, the basic 3g/4g network can not bring smooth network experience to fans, but wireless network is an indispensable basic service in modern life, because wireless network can provide a venue The communication channel between the club and the fans. During sports events, spectators can access local video servers through wireless networks to watch wonderful playback; Interact with relatives, friends, clubs, etc; You can query player introductions, real-time statistics of events and other information

secondly, wireless platform can provide a business platform. Spectators can find seats and parking spaces through indoor navigation, which is similar to polycarbonate, which can provide more value-added directions for advertising operations for venues, and can implant value-added information such as events and advertisements, so as to generate revenue for venues

finally, wireless networks can be provided to venue staff for mobile office, including voice communication for security personnel, mobile office for sales personnel, mobile communication for event organizers, etc

the world's first venue WiFi construction, facing unprecedented difficulties and challenges

deploy wif in venues. In recent years, China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the opening up of emerging markets for extruders. Although compared with other wireless technologies, they can carry more users and provide higher bandwidth, however, their deployment method is different from ordinary office networks, and there are ready-made experience for reference. There is no case to follow for deploying WiFi in football venues, It's not easy. Specifically, there are three difficulties in deploying WiFi in venues:

first, and the biggest difficulty is the very high user density. Dortmund stadium has a capacity of more than 80000 people, and the user density is far higher than that of ordinary office scenes

secondly, the high user density leads to high bandwidth demand, high reliability requirements of key core nodes, and high security threats from internal network terminals. On the other hand, it is also necessary to control terminal behavior

finally, because the user types and business requirements are very different, in order to provide intelligent applications, how to identify, judge, control and provide differentiated services is very important


wlan agile venue solutions, relieve customers' worries

according to the building structure characteristics and business needs of the stadium, Huawei has provided WLAN agile venue solutions that are strongly matched with the stadium scene from the aspects of high density, multi-user, reliability, security, green, etc., to solve the problems encountered in the wireless coverage of Dortmund stadium

according to the characteristics and difficulties of venue WiFi, the design of venue Wi Fi network is divided into three steps: building high-density access, deploying agile network, intelligent network and user control design

build high-density access to ensure the smooth experience of fans

wifi network to support such a high-density scene, it needs to be guaranteed from end to end (product capability, network planning, deployment stage, configuration optimization, test verification). The first two points are the most important: the products should support high-density access and ensure the ability of high bandwidth. The test of needle sensors is mainly to conduct high-density wireless network planning for the structural characteristics and access scenarios of venues after the stop result test of sensors

Huawei WLAN products support rich intelligent scheduling mechanisms to meet the access of high-density users. They can also help engineers understand the high-performance characteristics of polymers, optimize component structure design, select appropriate connection, processing and shutdown processes, and a wide range of design guidelines, such as auto radio automatic RF tuning to reduce AP co adjacent frequency interference, HD boost high-density acceleration to improve RF resource utilization efficiency, And precisely controlling the coverage through narrow lobe directional antenna in complex environment

for venues with very dense terminals, signal coverage is not a difficult point. The key is to control interference and maximize network capacity through reasonable planning. The structure of Dortmund stadium is complex, and the location, layout and channel design of AP is a difficult problem. Huawei provides professional intelligent planning tools to quickly formulate the most reasonable WiFi deployment plan. Through refined network planning and high-performance products, it meets the smooth experience of 80000 fans

the agility of wired network provides a strong guarantee for wireless platforms

in order to meet the bandwidth, reliability and security requirements brought by high-density user terminal access, Huawei deploys highly reliable and stable wired network equipment to provide continuous support for high-density wireless networks and services. Poe switch is used as the access switch to simplify the deployment of AP access. The access switch deploys 2*ge uplink to ensure the access bandwidth demand. The core switch adopts the application of s9700, istack, CSS and BFD detection technology to ensure the uninterrupted business of users and improve user experience. Huawei selects the next generation firewall (NGFW) as the network protection device and deploys it in different positions in the network to realize the overall security protection and user management, and deploys the policy center as the authentication and portal server for unified policy and security control

user intelligent control design to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the entire wireless platform

the venue includes not only most of the ordinary grandstand areas, but also many VIP private room areas; In addition to the audience, VIP users and staff on site; The business type is often based on Internet business. At the same time, there are many applications or stations customized by venues or clubs, and the wonderful video playback business is also the focus; The wireless devices in the venue are mainly intelligent terminals, including customized devices or laptops held by employees. Through the linkage of various network devices, users, locations, services, devices and other elements can be identified, and based on this, the priority protection of VIP users, the priority protection of VIP areas, business based policy control, location-based and terminal based portal page and video service multicast design and other network and user intelligent control can be realized

customer value

promote the new mode of stadium operation, and Huawei Dortmund achieves a win-win situation

Huawei WLAN agile venue solution helps Dortmund stadium build an efficient, stable and safe wireless network, achieve a win-win situation, and further enhance the brand effect of Dortmund stadium. Fans can enjoy more convenient Stadium Services and better watching experience. Club sponsors can better carry out brand publicity and precise advertising marketing. The club interacts more closely with the fans and gains more loyalty; At the same time, the club has expanded new business opportunities, increased revenue, improved the efficiency of stadium management and operation, and reduced expenditure

to this end, Cramer, Dortmund's marketing director, said: as an ambitious club, we are committed to providing innovative business for club supporters. We are very interested in deploying new wireless network facilities in the stadium, which is very important to optimize our operations and services. We have been looking for a company that really cares about Dortmund's special needs. Huawei has accumulated 10 years of experience in the wireless field. Huawei has deep technical knowledge and has provided Wi Fi facilities for other courses. At the same time, it is also very important for us to find an international brand. Huawei is an ambitious international brand from China. Huawei solutions will provide excellent performance and industry-leading technical features for our stadium. We have seen China's leading technology, and we are deeply impressed by Huawei's focus on the needs of our club. Therefore, I believe that our decision to establish a partnership with Huawei is correct. I also congratulate Huawei on making a correct decision to become a partner with Dortmund, which is a win-win situation for us

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