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Huawei cloud gaussdb (for opengauss) was officially released for commercial use

life lies in sports, and health clocking has become a fashion. More and more people clock in on various sports apps every day. Huawei sports health app provides users with their own exclusive punch in data, including not only weekly, monthly, annual and other sports data, but also health testing, sports guides, popular activities and other content

Huawei sports health app has 500million + users, 200million monthly active users, 60million daily active users and 180million sports health devices. What is supporting the concurrency of these massive data? How are these data updated in real time

today, let's uncover the black technology cloud database gaussdb (for opengauss) behind Huawei's sports health. It relies on the super large-scale clustering ability of the distributed architecture to support the business expansion twice under the same hardware resource allocation. So far, Huawei consumer cloud has launched 40 + businesses in gaussdb (for opengauss), including business systems such as barrage reviews, cloud space, and geographic big data, providing efficient services to 500million + users in real time

before unveiling gaussdb (for opengauss), let's talk about its past and present lives and the ingenuity story behind it

gaussdb (for opengauss)

when talking about gaussdb (for opengauss), the first thing to talk about is gaussdb. Its research and development can be traced back to 2007. The reason is that the telecommunications field has high requirements for data, and there is no database that can better match it. Huawei finally decided to instigate the friction of the driven needle on the device to go on the road of developing a database, and named this database gaussdb. The kernel of gaussdb pursues carrier level high availability, high security and high reliability from the beginning. With the advent of the cloud era, gaussdb (for opengauss) is combined with the concept of cloud. Serving internal customers well is the basic concept of the cloud. Therefore, Huawei will use gaussdb to serve Huawei's internal customers such as consumer cloud and process it through cloud native distributed services

Huawei knows that the ecosystem of databases is very critical and always adheres to an open ecosystem. In June 2020, based on the above, Huawei opened the single machine main and standby core, creating an open opengauss ecosystem, prospering talent training, accelerating innovation, and letting customers no longer worry about changing from a closed database to another closed database. Therefore, gaussdb (for opengauss) is based on cloud deployment mode, distributed form and ecological openness, which better meets the database demands of enterprises

Hua has higher tear sound toughness and high impact strength. There is a line in the video released for gaussdb: pay tribute to mathematics and scientists. Database is known as the crown jewel of basic software. Gaussdb not only embodies Huawei's awe of mathematics and science, but also carries Huawei's persistence and dream of basic software

gaussdb (for opengauss)

from internal tempering to external industry practice, gaussdb (for opengauss) has developed six core capabilities:

(1) ultra high availability: it supports cross machine room, intra city, offsite, multi activity and high availability, supports distributed consistency, and zero data loss

(2) open ecosystem: opengauss open ecosystem ensures that customers avoid being locked in a closed ecosystem similar to traditional commercial databases

(3) extreme expansion: through distributed global transaction consistency optimization, the engineers of jadewen new material technology, which realizes calculation and storage, have conducted a series of experiments on direct expansion ability, while supporting the data redistribution ability of new partitions

(4) excellent performance: distributed optimizer +numa aware technology, providing extreme performance. Excellent performance under TPC-C, TPC-H and other enterprise loads

and with rich enterprise level features (such as supporting HTAP mixed loads, having AI autonomy) and ultra-high security (having independent code level problem repair ability and architecture optimization ability), it has built a highly competitive ability

in the application of a large state-owned bank, gaussdb (for opengauss) successfully supported the core businesses such as precious metal trading system, channel business, business secret document system, and brought three core values to customers:

(1) high availability, realizing the city wide single region multi AZ interconnection, supporting the city wide dual activity, and the high availability deployment scheme of financial level database based on three-tier groups

(2) linear expansion of performance, support horizontal expansion of clusters, and the basic online performance is equal to that of traditional top-level commercial databases

(3) flexible deployment, deployment instances and applications should respond quickly to business needs, and the database supports container deployment

it is worth mentioning that Huawei cloud gaussdb (for opengauss) also won the DTCC annual best innovative product award in 2020. With rich database coverage and perfect product layout, as well as rich enterprise level features, Huawei cloud introduced a kind of technology in 2020 to strengthen the integration of fiber dimension materials into the magic quadrant of Gartner database, which has been widely recognized by the market

13 years of accumulation, breaking the cocoon into a butterfly, gaussdb (for opengauss) has made every step solid and powerful. Its rich features and extreme capabilities are widely applicable to key scenarios such as finance, government and enterprises, Internet, operators, and so on, providing unlimited possibilities for enterprise digital transformation

at present, gaussdb (for opengauss) has been fully opened for commercial use in Beijing. Welcome to experience it

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