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Huawei ce12800 shakes hands with British SCC big two-layer network ice breaking big data

today, if the business development of enterprises wants to remain ahead, they must not only make great efforts in company management and personnel management, but also be ahead of new technologies and new ideas. There is also a software column in the latest eight languages, which can not only be used in industrial investment casting through laser 3D printing technology, and has its own unique advantages. In this regard, specialist computer centres (hereinafter referred to as SCC), the largest independent IT service company in Europe, has a particularly profound understanding

scc is the top10 private enterprise in the UK, subordinate to specialist computer holdings, with a 38 year history and an annual revenue of more than 2.48 billion pounds. SCC is managed in a family mode, and its business covers major European countries and regions such as the UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Romania, etc. its core customers are all over major well-known large and medium-sized enterprises and national public utilities departments

with the rapid growth of SCC's own business development needs, the company found that its current network products could not meet the current business needs. Another serious problem is that the current products of SCC are close to the end of their life cycle, and there is an urgent need to replace and update them with a new generation of network equipment

scc business is growing rapidly, and network upgrading and transformation is imminent.

most of the network devices currently operated by SCC are products in the late 1990s, with small capacity and aging architecture. They are gradually approaching the end of their life cycle, and can no longer meet the development needs of SCC subsequent business. As a professional system integrator, SCC not only has its own data center construction needs, but also provides customers with overall solutions for the data center. Therefore, the success or failure of its own data center construction, operation and maintenance methods, and technical direction directly affect whether customers choose SCC as a data center solution provider. Therefore, SCC is extremely cautious and strict in the choice of data center solutions and manufacturers

at the end of 2011, SCC began to upgrade and transform the current business to meet the current business needs, especially the requirements for big data and high-performance throughput. At the same time, the network should be able to meet the future development needs, build an acyclic big two-tier network, and support the rapid migration of virtual machines. The network infrastructure should meet the long-term evolution of 5-8 years and adapt to the rapid development of business

Huawei shakes hands with British SCC, breaking the ice

scc is upgrading the global headquarters data center network located in Birmingham, UK, which undertakes the global business system and has high requirements for the stability of the network

scc and Huawei have discussed the requirements of the data center project for many times. At first, SCC hoped to adopt the wan/lan/san three in one scheme. However, through in-depth analysis of the technical maturity, deployment difficulty and actual current needs, it finally worked out a set of gradually developing network upgrading routes with Huawei. At the initial stage of the project, separate LAN and San networks will be deployed. With the business needs, SCC will gradually integrate lan/san, reduce the number of cabling and switches, and reduce energy consumption. SCC adopts the standard trill protocol to deploy the acyclic multi-path layer 2 network, puts the servers of two office locations into a trill domain, accelerates the access speed between servers, and lays the foundation for the subsequent migration of virtual machines

through upgrading, SCC has gained the following three benefits from its global data center network:

first, SCC has obtained a sustainable network. Huawei cloudengine series switches support the development of server access for 10 years, from GE, 10GE, 40ge to 100ge, and can span four generations of servers. Huawei ce12800 data center switch has 64tbps switching capacity and three times the expansion capacity of the industry. The single line card supports up to two-way 4tbps forwarding capacity. Huawei has always attached importance to product quality. It can operate stably for ten years, and supports smooth upgrading, exchange and gradual bandwidth expansion. It not only meets the 5~8-year network long life cycle requirements required by SCC, but also reduces capex

secondly, SCC has maintained its technological leadership. SCC's technological leadership through servo control Electromechanical, cycloid pin gear reducer drive active chuck rotation loading is the embodiment of the company's strength, but also its own consistent requirements. On the one hand, the fully orthogonal architecture of Huawei cloudengine12800 enables SCC to have a leading architecture, which can meet the needs of modern data center design, and reduce the energy required for heat dissipation through the complete isolation of cold and hot air ducts; On the other hand, all servers adopt 10GE access, the data center adopts 40ge interconnection, and the industry-leading data exchange capability of cloudengine series data center switches have doubled the business access and response speed of SCC

third, SCC adheres to the simple and open network design style. By using open standard protocols, the complexity of the network can be optimized to the lowest and the best. The full series of Huawei cloudengine switches support the IETF standard protocol trill (transparent interconnection of lots of links), support the mixed access group of 10ge/ge servers, and can build a super large-scale layer-2 network with more than 500 nodes at most. Through the deployment of Huawei cloudengine series switches, SCC fully supports trill standard protocol, and constructs a large two-tier across the two places, which makes the operation easier, no ring network, saves the link investment cost, effectively realizes the coordination of multiple data centers, and improves the operation efficiency. At the same time, because trill is a standard protocol, the network expansion can not be limited to one manufacturer. It supports multiple manufacturers to form heterogeneous networks, and the network architecture is more open

as a system integrator with strong influence and leading technology in Europe, SCC took the lead in the global deployment of trill standardization, and established a large two-tier network with acyclic multi-path, which facilitated the subsequent virtualization migration. The technologies and solutions adopted by SCC will have a profound impact on other companies in this field, as well as SCC's own customer base

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