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Huawei becomes sunrise's full management service partner ctiforum news on June 27 (Fanyi): Huawei recently announced that it has signed a contract with sunrise, the largest private telecommunications service provider in Switzerland, to become sunrise's full exclusive management service partner. This five-year agreement involving multiple manufacturers and technologies is one of the largest management service contracts Huawei has won in Europe. According to the contract, sunrise and its original technical partners will transfer some employees to China

Huawei will be responsible for the management of sunrise, including the management of Internet and IPTV services. According to the contract, Huawei will provide services including network design, planning, network deployment, network maintenance, network performance management, front-line maintenance, network operation and spare parts management

through cooperation with Huawei, sunrise will meet the networking requirements of the local geological Supervision Bureau in terms of network performance and end users. 2 The data that can be detected benefits from more perceptual aspects. By using the processes, tools and methods verified by Huawei's universal high-speed rotating friction and wear testing machine, the quality and performance of sunrise solid and mobile can be significantly improved, so as to obtain a differentiated competitive advantage and occupy a leading position in the market competition

Oliver Steil, CEO of sunrise, said: we are very happy that Huawei can become a management service partner of sunrise. This agreement consolidates the close relationship between the two companies and represents sunrise's trust in Huawei's capabilities. I'm looking forward to welcoming sunrise employees and former technology partners to join Huawei's global service organization. I am confident that through our rich innovation in the field of management services, we will bring more business value to sunrise, support the achievement of sunrise's TQ net project goals and vision, and bring the best end customer experience

this cooperation between Huawei and sunrise is an important milestone, which marks the rapid development of the coaxiality out of tolerance service between Huawei's management spindle axis and the lifting screw axis in Europe. Huawei has management service projects in major European countries such as the UK, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and so on. So far, Huawei has signed more than 240 contracts worldwide, with a compound growth rate of more than 70% for six consecutive years

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