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On November 27, Huawei and China Resources Land Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Resources Land) announced the signing of a strategic cooperation contract. The two sides will jointly build innovative projects such as smart communities, smart homes, smart hotels, and smart business centers based on cloud management end integration technology, and cooperate in areas such as enterprise digital transformation, smart parks, cloud platforms, and 5g, With Nanshan Science and Technology Financial City as the leading joint space carrier, we will jointly build Nanshan Science and Technology Financial City Smart City demonstration zone with Nanshan District government to promote the construction of smart cities into a new era

Liu ang, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen municipal government, Li Xin, President of China Resources Land Co., Ltd., and Zhou Jianjun, vice president of Huawei China, attended the event.

Huawei is an important partner of China Resources Land in the digital transformation. Following the official opening of Huawei's first global flagship store in Shenzhen Mixc, the cooperation between the two enterprises continued to deepen

under the current background of digital transformation, China Resources land needs to carry out digital transformation, insert the wings of take-off for enterprises, and comprehensively launch the digital strategic layout:

on the one hand, it will use Huawei's fertile digital platform to combine with China Resources Land's digital strategy, start from the top-level digital planning, improve the overall structure of enterprise informatization and business process sorting, constantly optimize enterprise digital management, and work it in the land, The one-stop service of special line bone will be provided to consumers at the first time to start comprehensive cooperation in the fields of dry equipment standardization, office network equipment standardization, network security and so on

on the other hand, Huawei, as a smart Park Technology and consultant, provides services for CR land. Huawei's fertile land digital platform will also provide a solid technical foundation for the smart application of Cr land in the park, and comprehensively accelerate the implementation of 5g+it infrastructure in the commercial complex project of Cr land, Including applying the world's leading Huawei Wi Fi 6 products to Vientiane cities across the country and its expected annual output value of 5billion yuan in other commercial complexes, significantly improving the standardization and intelligence of commercial IT infrastructure and the opening efficiency of commercial complexes of China Resources Land, creating a benchmark smart Park and building a smart city

Kong Xiaokai, senior vice president of China Resources Land, said:

in the future, China Resources land will work with its partners to seize the strategic opportunity of the 5g era and take the construction of a smart city as an opportunity to fully promote Shenzhen to build a global benchmark of high-quality development, sustainability, convenient people's livelihood, intensive, efficient, fair and transparent social governance and comprehensive modernization

Zhou Jianjun, vice president of Huawei China, said:

Huawei is rooted in Shenzhen, and cooperates with ecological partners to optimize and integrate new ICT technologies and fused data, create a digital world base, and jointly build a digital city of Shenzhen through 5g+ cloud +ai, Wi Fi 6 and other new ICT technologies, fertile digital platforms, and top-level planning methodology precipitated by the practice of urban digital transformation, Promote the construction of the pilot demonstration area for the development goal of lightweight materials in the "road map of energy saving and new energy vehicle technology" once again shared by Tian Hongfu, a senior engineer of FAW

wangjikui, CTO of Huawei ICT planning consulting department, said:

5g, as one of the core infrastructure, drives the acceleration of the intelligent revolution. 5g and new ICT technology make the digital twin city a reality, and it is inseparable from top-level planning. Huawei smart city top-level planning consulting methodology 3444, including 3 collaboration, 4 steps, 4 architecture and 4 systems. The top-level planning will follow the business architecture as a chain, the application architecture as a map, the information architecture as a map, and the technical architecture scheme 1+1+n. At the same time, through the smart city standard evaluation system and capacity development comprehensive evaluation model, we can ensure that smart cities have quantitative evaluation standards

the fertile digital platform created by Huawei is built on cloud infrastructure, integrating the new ICT capabilities of 12 high-performance separation membrane materials, such as IOT, AI, big data, video, converged communication, GIS, etc., to achieve the deep integration of technology and business, it and OT, and diversified data. Among them, the smart Park solution based on the fertile digital platform can cover a variety of business scenarios, such as intelligent operation center, comprehensive security, convenient access, asset management, facility management, energy efficiency management, environmental space, efficient office and so on

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