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Huawei big data platform: do a good job in big data application

recently, Huawei, the world's leading supplier of information and communication solutions, held a forum on "big data - let data speak wisely" in Changsha. As one of the current hot topics, big data has attracted a lot of people at the meeting. Many heavyweight experts and scholars from the industry and information technology executives from all industries have expressed their unique views on the exploration of big data applications, analyzed how data has changed our production and life from a technical perspective, and brought a Super Sticky feast of big data to 400 + guests on site, truly feeling the power of big data

Xi Mingxian, Huawei's big data marketing director, said that the concept of Huawei fusioninsight big data platform is to focus on the platform, do a good job in the soil of big data applications, gather partners from all walks of life, and jointly serve end users. However, just having a platform is not enough. It also requires all partners in the industry to multiply and expand the big data platform. Mr. Li Jie, Consulting Director of Wensi Haihui, has brought us a new data governance model. The so-called data governance is a collection of activities (planning, monitoring and Implementation) that exercise power and control over data asset management. Data governance requires business departments and it departments to work together to sort out the data model. Under the means of automation, business experts are mainly used to sort out and form the relationship between business and data, which is displayed in a graphical and visual way, so as to carry out ex ante management, in-process management and ex post management of data governance. Through data governance, strengthen the consistency of data in business and technology, strengthen the standardization of business, integrate and associate business data with transaction data, and lay the foundation for the analysis and mining of various departments and applications. From data collection and storage to data organization and integration, and finally to data application, a series of changes have taken place in the data, and the visual big data application development platform visualizes these data processing and management processes, realizing the simplicity and ease of big data development. Wang Yancheng, a senior big data architect of Huawei partner Beijing advanced digital communication information technology Co., Ltd., shared products such as shark start/sharkata/shark store, which build a visual and easy-to-use development kit on Huawei's big data platform. Shark suite is an application product developed by advanced digital communication on the basis of many years of experience in enterprise data integration and interaction projects. The data line developed by independent innovation causes a large number of retained austenite structures to be preserved in the carburized layer. According to the characteristics of enterprise Bi construction, shark suite can shorten the construction and delivery cycle of data line, reduce the development workload, and improve the degree of freedom of using data, hoping to help everyone, so that users can obtain an excellent return on investment and significantly reduce the construction and maintenance costs of enterprises in big data construction

with a large number of data and data analysis and processing platforms, how can we use data to build an accurate marketing system and create value for enterprises? Mr. Zhang Yi, general manager of the Industrial Finance and data application division of Beiming Software Co., Ltd., introduced to us that the financial industry uses big data to build a precision marketing system. By integrating the existing customer resource data, it has built a multi-level and multi-dimensional customer attribute label model. In real time, it is a management concept advocated and adhered to by covestro for a long time, moving target customers, and quickly sending it to separate order express delivery, Build a self-service marketing system based on labels, and complete a series of actions from marketing system to recommendation system

today, with the global wave of big data technology, every enterprise should and must know how to use big data technology to dig for gold and reshape its own value. In this process, building a good big data platform has become the most basic and important thing. However, how to build it is actually very difficult. No matter how you do it, you need to process all kinds of data, collect, clean and store data from multiple sources and different forms, and repeatedly break up and integrate the data. Mi Weicong, deputy general manager of Boyan technology, said that it is fortunate that Huawei has built an excellent big data infrastructure platform. Through the reconstruction and integration of a large number of industry-leading tool products on this platform, Boyan technology has created a domestic leading self-service platform product that fully releases the value of big data - Haiyun big data platform, which can help customers quickly build big data centers, At the same time, let customers have the ability to easily obtain the value of big data

data can not only create value for us, but also avoid illegal infringement of our property through technical means. Chen Liang, general manager of ChinaSoft international big data application product research and development center, brought us a keynote speech on real-time decision engine technology and practice. He said that the traditional decision-making scheme is a centralized structure with low concurrency, which can not cope with the surge of transactions. Generally, financial fraud can only be handled after the event, and the traditional anti fraud only supports the simple real-time control of blacklist, and complex rules cannot be handled in real time. The risk control solution released by ChinaSoft international in conjunction with Huawei aims to achieve real-time transaction anti fraud, pursue and intervene in the matter after engagement, and minimize the risk of property loss

big data is closely related to us, whether in terms of food, clothing, housing and transportation, or in terms of governing the country. From the perspective of resources, big data is the future oil. From the perspective of national governance, big data will set off a governance revolution. From the perspective of economic growth, big data is a new bright spot in the economic downturn environment. It is inseparable from everyone, and its importance is self-evident. However, as a resource, if it is collected and stored aimlessly, it cannot play the great value of data, This is a great waste of resources. Fusioninsight, Huawei's big data infrastructure platform, provides a variety of business platforms and tools with various functions such as data loading, data storage, data processing, data analysis and data opening, so as to do a good job in the soil of big data application, gather partners from all walks of life, help users realize the comprehensive transformation from data to knowledge, from knowledge to wisdom, and make data really smart

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