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Huawei cloud has the fastest growth rate in the world: the IAAs market ranks the top three in China and the top six in the world

recently, Gartner released the latest research report "market share: IT services, 6. The accuracy of computer software analysis data worldwide 2019". Huawei cloud's global IAAs market ranking rose to the sixth, with a growth rate of up to 222.2%. The world's fastest growth rate, China is actually the top three

Huawei cloud has served government, Internet, automobile manufacturing, finance, genetics and other industries, including more than 30 national ministries and commissions, more than 600 government and public utilities, 30 of the top 50 Internet enterprises, more than 20 large automobile enterprises, 14 enterprises in the field of genetics, etc

in 2019, Huawei cloud Singapore, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Peru successively launched services, and operated 45 availability areas with partners in 23 geographical regions around the world

by the end of 2019, Huawei cloud has launched more than 200 cloud services and 190 solutions, including 69 Huawei cloud Kunpeng cloud services and 43 shengteng cloud services; 3million enterprises and developers carry out cloud development based on Huawei cloud


in the field of basic services

in the field of basic services, Huawei cloud launched a series of Kunpeng cloud services to provide enterprises with diverse computing power; Launch container hybrid cloud and high-performance container batch computing solutions to accelerate the native transformation of enterprise cloud; Release the storage and computing separation solution bigdata pro, speed IO cloud disk, all connect enterprise cloud network solution, etc

in the field of artificial intelligence

Huawei cloud launched 43 AI cloud services based on ascension, releasing surging computing power; Provide development platforms and tools such as modelarts one-stop AI development and management platform, hilens end cloud collaborative AI development application platform, and one-stop data operation platform Dayu. Facing the industry, Huawei cloud EI launched industrial agents, traffic agents and urban agents, and deeply integrated AI technology with the experience of industry experts, so that artificial intelligence can be used affordable, well used and at ease. (extended reading: Huawei cloud modelarts 2.0 is comprehensively upgraded, innovating the traditional AI development mode)

in the field of collaborative office

Huawei cloud releases the enterprise intelligence work platform welink, which realizes four user centered connections: connecting team, business, knowledge, IOT, and helps the digital upgrading of government and enterprises. At present, Huawei cloud welink has stably and efficiently supported telecommuting in all walks of life, including nearly 10000 hospitals in China, health commissions at all levels, centers for Disease Control and other medical institutions and government units, schools, as well as hundreds of thousands of enterprises in finance, energy, manufacturing, transportation and other industries. (extended reading: Huawei cloud welink was officially released, an intelligent work platform used by 190000 Huawei people)

in 2019, Huawei cloud development consulting partners had 10000 partners, accounting for more than 60% of the revenue, and rubber isolation bearings developed by new materials were installed on the piers of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, establishing strategic cooperative relations with many top consulting companies and operators in the world. Huawei cloud has carried out in-depth cooperation with 2000 technology partners, with 3500 applications in the cloud market, realizing the business closed loop of the technology ecosystem and forming a tightly coupled technology ecosystem

encirclement can easily lead to twists and turns around Kunpeng. Huawei cloud launched the Kunpeng Lingyun partner program to provide partners with all-round support in training, technology, marketing and market, help partners develop and transplant applications based on Huawei cloud Kunpeng cloud services, and open up a cloud market Kunpeng special area to help partners realize business. (extended reading: Huawei cloud released the Kunpeng Lingyun partnership plan to jointly build an open and win-win Kunpeng ecosystem)

in the future, Huawei cloud will continue to give full play to the collaborative advantages of cloud, AI and 5g, provide stable, reliable, safe, reliable and sustainable public cloud services and hybrid cloud solutions through full stack technological innovation, enable applications, enable data, become the black land of the intelligent world, and enable thousands of industries with partners, Realize digital transformation and intelligent upgrading

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