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The appearance quality of printing paper and common paper diseases

the appearance quality of paper refers to the quality of paper that can be identified only by human senses without instruments and equipment. It can be divided into the appearance quality of the paper itself and the appearance quality of pieces of paper formed by sheets of paper or long strips of paper

no matter what kind of appearance quality affects the use of paper to varying degrees. Poor appearance quality will not only reduce the use value and printing yield of paper, but also make paper waste in serious cases. In addition, some serious appearance paper diseases in the paper, such as hard paper blocks, will also damage the printing plate and cots during printing, causing damage to the printing equipment. The appearance quality of paper is also closely related to its physical properties. For example, the smoothness and opacity of paper with obvious seersucker will also be affected

Structural characteristics and working principle of bending testing machine

the appearance quality inspection of paper should achieve the following three purposes:

check the finished quality of paper. It mainly includes: whether the shape of the piece of paper is good, whether the size is qualified, packaging quality and damage degree, etc

master the basic paper of paper. Including color, evenness, flexibility and tensile strength, smoothness and cleanliness

spot check to find out the approximate missing rate of lithographic paper (the percentage of paper with obvious paper defects in the total number of papers). And the rapid growth of high value-added niche chemicals in our product portfolio

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