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Hot new product recommendation: Apple iPad tablet 9.7 inch 128G WLAN version) rose gold use experience

Apple iPad tablet 9.7 inch (128G WLAN version/a9x chip/retina display/multi touch technology mm192ch) rose gold

gave up using it again and re purchased

for reference, my friend commented as follows:

this is the first iPad I bought, and the overall feeling is not bad. Apple's workmanship quality is not to mention, and the operation is also very smooth. After all, the A9 processor is also brand new and inactive after checking the serial number. I think the screen problem everyone said is OK. Generally, the speed regulation range is narrow. If there is high speed, there is no low speed, or if there is low speed, there is no high speed, there is little impact, After all, I haven't used other tablets for comparison, and the price is also there. In addition, the battery is really durable, which is completely enough for entertainment tools mainly in leisure time

turn to's latest quotation, friend comments:

Apple iPad tablet according to Jian Xigao's introduction, brain 9.7-inch tablet configuration parameters:

manufacturer name: Apple Inc.

Product Name: laptop

3C product model: a1566:5.1vdc, 2.1a (power adapter optional: a1357 output: 5.1vdc 2.1a.)

brand: apple/to facilitate uniform heat dissipation Apple

model: iPad WiFi version

screen size: 9.7 inches

storage capacity: 32gb128gb

operating system: IOS

touch screen type: capacitive

memory capacity: 2GB

manufacturer: Apple

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