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Huawei: a new benchmark for cloud data integration and leading smart government innovation

[China, Guangzhou, June 1, 2017] Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, announced that today, cloud converges on government affairs and leads the future -- 2017 China government informatization summit was successfully held in Guangzhou. Huawei and more than 500 industry leaders, well-known experts, customers and partners jointly discussed the latest development trends in the field of government informatization, the practice of government cloud and big data in Guangzhou and Jiaxing, the construction idea of government cloud data center, the concept and ability of Huawei's dual platform + ecosystem. In addition, the launch ceremony of Huawei's Government cloud ecosystem cooperation was also successfully held at the meeting. A picture of using cloud computing to gather government applications, big data to promote the integration and sharing of government information systems, promote the modernization of government governance capabilities, and lead a new benchmark for smart government innovation has been launched in full swing

Wu Dongwen, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, first addressed the conference. He said: as the promoter of informatization in the province, the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, the practitioner of government informatization, shoulders the multiple missions of promoting governance reform and service transformation by means of informatization. In recent years, Guangdong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, together with the competent information departments of cities and counties, and the units directly under each province have deeply realized the construction of cloud and intensification, built a provincial multi-level e-government platform, built a provincial, municipal and county government information resource sharing system, and built a unified office hall across the province

at the same time, Guangdong Province has also carried out all-round cooperation with leading enterprises such as Huawei in many fields, such as government cloud platform, big data application, big video, etc., jointly build an open, inclusive, positive and healthy government information industry ecosystem, promote and improve relevant industrial chains, and in the future period of development, our province will continue to increase efforts, give play to innovation leading advantages, create a good development environment, and explore a government enterprise cooperation, Mutual benefit and win-win government informatization

Wu Dongwen, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission

subsequently, huzhigang, chief engineer of the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, mentioned in his speech that the Guangzhou municipal government informatization cloud platform has greatly improved the efficiency of government services in four aspects: first, cloud computing technology has elastically and efficiently collected the originally scattered and isolated government resources into the government cloud platform, realizing the efficient utilization of basic resources. Second, the rich service catalogue and sound management mechanism realize rapid and efficient business deployment response, and ensure the healthy and stable operation of the informatization business of the Commission and office Bureau. Third, the information cloud platform and data sharing and exchange platform have connected the government data of various departments, brought convenience to people and enterprises, and greatly improved citizens' service satisfaction. Fourth, implement the big data pilot project, and preliminarily realize the presentation of some government data analysis results, which makes it possible to provide decision support, data disclosure and data value creation for the government, citizens and enterprises in the future

Hu Zhigang, chief engineer of Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology Gao Sumei, executive secretary of China Electronic Information Industry Federation, said in his speech to the conference that he hoped that the majority of enterprises in the electronic information industry would take advantage of China's strategic deployment to vigorously promote information technology construction, seize opportunities, accelerate transformation and layout, practice the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and make better use of China's information construction, Build a service-oriented government. China Electronic Information Industry Federation will also be service-oriented, based on its own advantages, actively promote the research and formulation of construction standards and evaluation standards related to government informatization, promote the opening and sharing of resources and information, actively promote the supply and demand connection between government departments and advantageous enterprises in the industry, and do a good job in bridging and linking the market

Gaosumei, executive secretary of China Electronic Information Industry Federation, Jiang Zhixiong, head of Huawei's IT product line product management department, mentioned in his speech that Huawei's achievements in the government industry came from its in-depth insight and understanding of customer needs. He introduced the two engines that promote the development of government informatization. On the one hand, the government is changing from a management-oriented government to a service-oriented government. Through the establishment of the government, the integration of government data and industrial data, and the PAAS of urban capacity, the sharing economy has become a new economic model, making the mainstream public opinion of the whole Hong Kong society also hope that the Legislative Council can pass the General Election Bill, and the development of society will benefit from the demographic dividend to the data dividend and platform dividend. On the other hand, it comes from the outside, that is, the emergence of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, edge computing, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, and the application of blockchain, which will widely serve people's livelihood, governance and economic fields, and affect everyone's basic necessities of life. For example, blockchain will become the credit foundation of future cities, edge computing will become the perception organ of future cities, AI will become the brain of future cities Vr/ar will become the eyes of future cities

Jiang Zhixiong, director of Huawei's IT product line product management department

Li Deren, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of engineering, brought a wonderful sharing on the smart city operation brain based on cloud computing, which is replaced by the tortuous yield strength. There are mainly the following five points: first, smart city is the integration of the real world and the digital world based on Digital City, IOT and cloud computing, so as to realize the perception, control, management and intelligent services of people and things; Second, smart cities have very broad prospects for our economic transformation and development, and for popular intelligent services, which can make our human and nature develop in a more coordinated way; Third, to be a smart city, we need to have a more perfect information and spatial information infrastructure. Huawei should have a good foundation for smart city applications, good cloud computing, so that everyone can afford to use it well; Fourth, the big data problem of smart cities has brought new opportunities and challenges. We need to pay attention to technological innovation and research to stimulate the development of digital service industry; Fifth, smart city should be said to be a top-level project, which requires top-level design and overall planning according to the characteristics of each city, establishment of smart city operation center and operation brain, and organization and implementation

Li Deren, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Xing Yihai, director of Guangzhou Information Service Center, shared the practice of Guangzhou municipal government information cloud platform, including construction background, experience, management mechanism, operation mode, etc. he said that the platform has achieved the overall planning ability of government information construction management, operation and maintenance of basic supporting environment, safety control ability, resource utilization rate, system construction efficiency and flexibility The development space of information-based public support services should be improved in four aspects; At the same time, he also put forward the outlook for the future construction of Guangzhou municipal government information platform from four aspects: cloud platform PAAS layer, cloud platform communication service, cloud platform security and disaster recovery service

Xing Yihai, director of Guangzhou Information Service Center

song Yong, deputy general manager of smart city business department of Beiming Software Co., Ltd./smart city expert, first introduced the Beiming Huawei government cloud integrated solution and the overall architecture of Beiming software e-government cloud in the E-government cloud solution and case sharing, and then combined with the cases of Guangzhou e-government cloud, a city in Yunnan and a city in Henan, Shared the construction and application achievements of Beiming in the government cloud: IAAs layer provides comprehensive virtualization services such as computing, storage, network and security; The PAAS layer provides a unified service platform for resource integration and sharing, open applications, and a big data platform responsible for big data collection, processing, analysis, and display; SaaS layer provides more than 10 rich smart applications, such as Internet + government services, public credit, unified urban service entrance, etc. Finally, song Yong pointed out that the construction advantages of Beiming software e-government cloud are: clear positioning, mature products, rich cases and high-quality services

Song Yong, deputy general manager of smart city business department of Beiming Software Co., Ltd./smart city expert

in 2017, the trend of digital transformation and comprehensive cloudization of the industry was more obvious. Like other industries, the government industry also needs to cooperate with ecological partners to build efficient information infrastructure, create innovative applications, and jointly promote development and change. Today, under the witness of the leaders of the China Electronic Information Industry Federation and the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, Huawei, with the ecological concept of openness, cooperation and win-win results, joined hands with Beijing Anxin Tianxing Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Chaotu Software Co., Ltd., Beijing dongfangtong Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing yihualu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beiming Software Co., Ltd., Donghua Software Co., Ltd Jiangsu Guotai Xindian Software Co., Ltd., Nanwei software group, softcom power information technology (Group) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guangtong Software Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huaao Data Technology Co., Ltd., digital China Information Service Co., Ltd., Taiji Computer Co., Ltd., wudajiao Information Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an future international information Co., Ltd., Yida Xinluo Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd Seventeen partners including ChinaSoft International Co., Ltd. jointly participated in the launching ceremony of Huawei government cloud ecosystem cooperation. Huawei has built a government informatization cooperation ecosystem with partners and users, stimulated new cooperation modes, formed a transformation community, gathered government applications with cloud computing, promoted the development of government informatization with big data, and promoted the modernization of government governance capabilities

Huawei government cloud ecosystem cooperation launch ceremony

related customers of Jiaxing government cloud mentioned in the practice sharing of Jiaxing government big data that Jiaxing City, starting from the current situation and problems of the municipal government informatization, put forward the development ideas of Government Informatization: application orientation, administrative promotion, step-by-step implementation and sound mechanism. At the same time, Jiaxing Municipal government paid close attention to the focus and core of the problem, and explored the solution of government cloud and big data with the strength of public opinion. The government big data sharing and exchange platform based on integration and cross levels can help people truly realize their desire to run at most once

in the theme sharing of cloud data integration and leading the new benchmark of smart government innovation, liaojiangang, chief solution architect of Huawei IT product line government cloud, pointed out that government function transformation and new technology innovation are the twin engines of government cloud development. Government cloud will provide all-round cloud services for cities by combining cloud computing data, artificial intelligence and IOT technology, and city CIO (city information operator) came into being, It is the provider of urban services, the operator of urban management, and the builder of urban ecological chain. In addition, based on the current hot spots of government informatization construction, such as smart people's livelihood, smart governance, and smart economy, he also teamed up with industry partners to propose Huawei government cloud and big data solutions for government industry applications with cloud data integration, public-private cloud unified architecture. Finally, he mentioned that based on the ability of trusted, open, online and offline services, Huawei is the best choice for government cloud and government big data

liaojiangang, chief solution architect of Huawei IT product line government cloud

Hong Ge, Consulting Director of the business innovation and development division of Taiji Computer Co., Ltd., released the sharing of cloud on demand - practical experience of government big data, he first

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