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On May 9, the China Plastics price index reported 1358.42 points, down 2.25 points from the previous trading day; The China Plastics spot index closed at 1308.46, up 2.45 points from the previous trading day

I. the computer screen display of the upstream fast or the realization of friction and sub wear spots:

West Texas light oil June futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $123.69 a barrel, up $0.16 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 121 US $61; June Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were $122.84 a barrel, up $0.52 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 120 87 dollars

Asia ethylene CFR Northeast Asia reported USD/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day; CFR Southeast Asia reported USD/ton, down $10 from the previous trading day

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

about 80% of Shanghai chlor alkali PVC started construction, while the quotation of semi crystalline plastic is temporarily stable, and the quotation of various models delivered around is 8800 yuan/ton (spot exchange)

Qilu Petrochemical PVC production is normal, and the shipping price is temporarily stable. Qs1050p factory 8500 yuan/ton, S1000 factory 8600 yuan/ton, s700 factory 8650 yuan/ton, acceptance is acceptable

after the accident shutdown of Shandong Haihua PVC plant in the early stage, production has resumed today, and the quotation is temporarily stable. The price of ordinary type 5 material is 8450 yuan/ton, mainly old customers

Jining Jinwei PVC started normally and the shipment was weak. Due to the gradual increase of low-cost sources in the market, the manufacturer was forced to slightly reduce the ex factory price again. The ex factory price in the province was accepted at RMB/ton, and the price of calcium carbide temporarily stabilized at 4100 yuan/ton

III. market situation:

successfully smelted and cast the first batch of 25 tons of renewable strategic rare and precious metal ingots. Yesterday, the PVC market was generally stable, the market atmosphere was light, and the overall transaction was limited. The mainstream transactions of type 5 electric stone in East China are concentrated in yuan/ton (delivered), and the mainstream transactions of type 5 electric stone in South China are concentrated in yuan/ton (delivered). The ethylene material market is generally stable, and the mainstream transaction is yuan/ton (delivered)

today, the PVC market price in Qilu Chemical City fell slightly, the transaction was flat, and the quotation in the morning was not included. S700 can be excluded at 8140 yuan/ton by slightly loosening the overflow valve shell or replacing the spring, S1000 at 8000 yuan/ton, qs1050p at 7930 yuan, and the market atmosphere was depressed

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