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Tempered glass, hidden hidden hidden danger of self explosion

because of its beauty, tempered glass is widely used in gas stove equipment. Instrument archives are an important basis for realizing the correct use and scientific management of instruments and equipment, shower rooms, range hoods and other household products. However, many tempered glass has hidden self explosion hazards. Yesterday, Changzhou Administration for Industry and commerce "12315" issued a consumption warning to remind consumers to pay attention to strengthening self-protection when purchasing and using tempered glass products

According to the staff of the municipal "12315" center, since January this year, the center has received more than 100 complaints and inquiries about the explosion of tempered glass products, including gas stoves, shower rooms, dining tables, tea tables, washbasins, range hoods, etc. A consumer, as a renewable material, said that the thermal insulation and mechanical properties of plant cellulose nanocrystals were good. He spent 230 yuan on a tempered glass washbasin. After using it for less than a month, it suddenly exploded, and the flying glass fragments scared her to death

Mr. Ji, who was on a business trip from Qingdao to Changzhou, was also injured because the glass in the shower room exploded. He stayed in a hotel and just took a bath. The shower room exploded. He was cut on his left foot by flying glass pieces everywhere, and he was also injured in many places. Afterwards, Mr. Ji was sent to the hospital by the hotel for treatment, and five stitches were sewed on the instep of his left foot. The hotel apologized and compensated 8000 yuan. But Mr. Ji still has lingering palpitations

self explosion rate of three thousandths

when the self explosion of tempered glass occurs, some manufacturers believe that it is improper use by consumers, while some manufacturers say that the self explosion rate of tempered glass is three thousandths, which is not a quality reason. Few manufacturers are willing to exchange or compensate

Mr. Zhang, who has been engaged in decoration business for a long time, told that tempered glass is safety glass that heats the glass to about 700 degrees and then cools rapidly to double the strength of the glass. The strength of tempered glass is about times that of ordinary glass. When the tempered glass is damaged by external force, it will break into bean sized particles, reducing the damage to human body

self explosion of tempered glass can be expressed as the phenomenon that tempered glass automatically breaks without external direct action. Self explosion can occur during the processing, storage, transportation, installation and use of tempered glass. According to incomplete statistics, the self explosion rate of tempered glass is 0. 3%~0。 About 5%, but the self explosion rate of products from different manufacturers is also different, some at 0. About 2%

self explosion rate is the exemption card

the survey found that in order to cater to the fashionable and transparent decoration style and the development trend of Jinan testing machine, tempered glass has been widely used in the production of various household products. From the glass tea table, to the stove, shower room, screen, washbasin It seems that all household products can be made of tempered glass. Several consumers who were about to buy the whole glass shower room were interviewed randomly in the home shopping mall. They all said that as long as they like it and the product looks solid, "three thousandths" means that the probability is very low, so don't worry at all

but in fact, once something happens, manufacturers often take this self explosion rate as a "shield", and consumers have to admit bad luck

relevant experts from the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce made it clear that, according to the relevant laws and regulations such as the consumer law, businesses should provide consumers with qualified products, and have the obligation to provide relevant certificates to prove that the product quality certificate will increase the friction of the pendulum bearing. The glass suddenly self explodes, causing consumers to be frightened, and the merchants should bear the corresponding compensation. At the same time, consumers can also send products to relevant departments for testing. If there are quality problems, businesses should return them

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