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There are hidden dangers in the food packaging of 7 large food supermarkets in Yinchuan recently, Yinchuan health supervisors cooperated with the Municipal Food Safety Committee to conduct a sudden inspection on the food safety situation of 7 large food supermarkets in our city. Some scientific reports said that these micro plastics had existed in our human body, and the inspection found that there were common hidden dangers in the food packaging of supermarkets

from the situation of this inspection, there are many problems in food supermarkets, such as small package food without label, pickled meat, cold dishes and other directly imported foods are not fresh-keeping and stored. When supermarkets sell small packages of food, they often break up the large food packages for sale, and the small packages have no labels, so that consumers cannot distinguish whether the food is expired. There are also some food 230 single leaf flat open multi-function door. The production date on the outside package is printed with ink spray, which is very easy to erase and difficult to identify. Some supermarkets sell pickled meat and cold dishes without health protection facilities, and the food containers used are not cleaned, but also stained with oil and stains

for the problems found in the inspection, the health supervisors gave feedback to the person in charge of the supermarket one by one, and asked the supermarket to rectify its own problems immediately

source: Yinchuan Evening News

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