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Germany heyouxun invites you to visit IAS exhibition of 2018 Shanghai International Industrial Expo

the annual IAS exhibition of the International Industrial Expo will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from September 19 to 23, 2018. Germany heyouxun Automation System Co., Ltd. (Hilscher) will bring a large number of new products of fieldbus, real-time Ethernet and industrial IOT to make an appearance with you in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, and sincerely invite you to come to booth b122 in hall 5.1h

the netiot industrial IOT series products and combined solutions were widely displayed at the Hannover Industrial Expo in April this year, which are used for continuous vertical communication from industrial networks to local deployment of edge gateway and cloud server architecture, and the latest on-chip system solutions were launched in the second half of the year. At this Industrial Expo, heyouxun will bring you the organic combination of production, learning, research and other systems and policies of many new production countries. There are no components, and they are wonderful:

netx90 SOC integrates two independent arm cortex-m4 processor cores, and the data interaction between the two CPUs is based on the dual port memory IDPM structure. The integration of Fast Ethernet PHY, analog/mixed signal IP, on-chip flash memory and SRAM can significantly save BOM costs. For iiot cloud service, it supports OPC UA server and mqtt client, and has IOT ready function

netx4000/4100 computer board is the first industrial Ethernet node with 4-port multi protocol function, two arm cortex processor cores and PCIe, Gigabit Taihe USB2.0 and other high-speed peripherals. It supports SSL/TLS services for the encryption operation and security functions of HTTPS, mqtt, OPC UA and other protocols, meets higher requirements for flexibility, certainty and communication performance, and is the best choice for building iiot devices

netiot edge level is upgraded again. Through the passive mode monitoring mode, the process data in the automated network can be automatically obtained and the required data can be sent to the cloud. Use the modular idea to increase application functions and realize the interoperability and integration of industrial Ethernet and IOT IOT

netrapid 51 small embedded module software protocol stack integrates webserver function and a transparent Ethernet channel. Host application can easily interact with software protocol stack. Meet the latest requirements related to real-time industrial Ethernet communication and IOT IOT technology, and provide comprehensive solutions

netpi products help microprocessor applications and raspberry PI community members easily connect to the industrial real-time Taihe fieldbus, obtain certified factory level data, and support OPC UA, mqtt, HTTPS and AMQP protocols

cc link ie field computer board card network intelligent device station realizes aperiodic data communication through SLmP, which is independent of communication protocol and computer internal bus form, and has the same drive and configuration tools as other computer boards

once again, we sincerely invite you to visit the German heyouxun booth of IAS exhibition of 2018 International Industrial Expo (5.1h focus on the following aspects. B122 of Gongfu hall should figure out each step before operating the booth). More wonderful contents are waiting for you

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