Hidden danger of the hottest plastic beverage pack

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Hidden dangers of plastic beverage bottles that are not drunk

[China Packaging News] beverage bottles that are not drunk are time bombs. The display of experimental curves in many places; There has been an explosion of drink bottles that can not be used in the mechanical detection of fasteners used in municipal, water conservancy, chemical, metallurgical, coal, and shipbuilding projects. The beverage bottles prone to explosion hazards are mainly carbonated and fruit juice drinks. Consumers don't drink all the drinks they buy at once. When they want to drink or use the bottles again, the beverage bottles suddenly explode, causing consumers to be injured to varying degrees

most of the citizens interviewed said that they did not know that the unfinished drinks were potentially dangerous. For convenience, many consumers often buy 5L large bottles of drinks at home, which are convenient to drink at any time. However, large bottles of drinks are generally not finished, so they are casually placed aside, and continue until they want to drink next time. In this case, the possibility of explosion is relatively high

an experienced citizen told us that China Packaging threw a mouthful of fruit juice beverage that was not finished directly into the dustbin on the balcony last time. One day, I wanted to do something with the bottle, but when I opened it, a small explosion occurred, Zhang Xiaowu, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the administrative committee of the small Wuhan Economic Development Zone. However, I was lucky that I was not injured

Chinese packaging carefully observed the beverages on the market. Most manufacturers noted on their products that please put them in a cool, dry and odorless place, avoid exposure to the sun, drink them in time after opening, or refrigerate them at Celsius, and finish drinking them in 24 hours, and the cold drink tastes better. However, most people believed that this was the manufacturer's reminder to consumers to prevent the deterioration of the product itself, rather than that if the product was stored at a temperature Improper placing time will cause explosion

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according to the relevant staff of the Quality Supervision Institute, many drinks will adopt the methods of low-temperature canning, low-temperature transportation and low-temperature storage to ensure the taste. Some drinks leave the low-temperature conditions, and some are also exposed to direct sunlight. Some microorganisms in the bottle will ferment, and the pressure in the bottle will increase, which is easy to explode

Chinese packaging experts remind that when buying drinks, we must pay attention to the product logo, and first of all, we must understand the storage, opening, eating and other conditions of the product; When drinking, pay attention to safety precautions to avoid personal injury. If the beverage bottle has expansion, deformation, bubbles, etc. from the appearance, stop drinking

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