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Domestic market plans to break through the wall -- Heshan printing industry of industrial clusters

background material: printing industry is one of the pillar industries of Heshan City. At present, there are more than 200 printing enterprises in Heshan, with an annual output value of 2.3 billion yuan. The printing export has ranked third in the province, second only to Shenzhen and Dongguan. As Hongxing Printing Co., Ltd., which ranks first in the national comprehensive printing industry, settled in Heshan this year, the top two enterprises in the national comprehensive printing industry have settled in Heshan (the second is Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd.). In 2003, Heshan City established the printing association

printing, as one of the four great inventions of ancient China, is a great contribution of ancient Chinese people to human civilization. It is the symbol of human civilization and the ladder of social progress, and its development level often directly reflects the economic development of a country. In the 21st century, with the geographical and industrial advantages adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Heshan printing industry has achieved leapfrog development. Now, a large-scale modern printing city has taken shape in Heshan. Heshan is becoming famous for its developed printing industry

so far, Heshan has more than 200 printing enterprises. Last year, the total value of the printing industry in the city reached 2.3 billion yuan, of which the total output value of Enterprises above designated size was 1.428 billion yuan, and there were more than 130000 employees in the printing industry. The printing industry has become the third pillar industry of Heshan City after shoe-making and textile and clothing. However, behind the rapid development, a hidden worry is always accompanied by Heshan printing industry, that is, equipment, raw materials and products rely too much on foreign markets. "Heshan printing industry should make more efforts to develop the domestic market", people of insight shouted

foreign funded enterprises highlight Heshan printing brand

Heshan has a long history of printing, and printing has always been the brand industry and pillar industry of Heshan. Heshan people's printing factory, Maya packaging printing factory, etc. are familiar to the older generation of Heshan people. In Hong Kong, one of the world's printing centers, as early as the middle of the last century, Heshan people have played a decisive role in the printing industry. Hongxing, Leo Artus, Jinglian, etc. run by Heshan people are famous enterprise brands in Hong Kong. Renchanghong, fengxuehong, fengyechang and other villagers of Heshan are elites in the Hong Kong printing industry, There is a saying in the industry: "where there is printing, there are Heshan people"

in the middle and late 20th century, with the in-depth development of reform and opening up, on the one hand, many Heshan villagers returned home to invest in industry, on the other hand, many individual private enterprises have sprung up, and the development of Heshan printing industry has advanced by leaps and bounds. Many enterprises, such as Gulao yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., Longkou Jinglian Printing Co., Ltd., Taoyuan Seiko gravure plate making Co., Ltd., Jiada Kese Printing Co., Ltd., ZTE composite packaging printing material factory, have jointly highlighted the brand of Heshan printing

most foreign-invested enterprises in Heshan printing industry are large-scale, powerful, and have large turnover, which occupy an important position in Heshan printing industry. These powerful foreign-invested enterprises with first-class equipment, advanced technology have brought advanced printing equipment and brand-new management concepts, effectively improving the production level and market competitiveness of local printing enterprises. In Heshan's printing enterprises, you can see the world's most advanced printing and plate making equipment, from digital printing machines, high-speed commercial rotary machines, lithographic six color and eight color offset printing machines, computer direct plate making machines (CTP machines), large inkjet printing equipment, and so on. Most foreign-invested enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises undertake overseas printing. They adopt the management mode of foreign countries or Hong Kong, with scientific management, high efficiency, low cost, good printing quality and high reputation; Most local enterprises aim at the domestic market and provide exquisite packaging and printing materials for all walks of life

the rapid and successful development of many large, medium and small printing enterprises in Heshan has also attracted a number of foreign and private funded printing enterprises to plan to settle in Heshan or continue to increase capital and expansion, which further promotes the further rapid development of Heshan printing industry. In August, 2003, at the seminar on how to develop the Pearl River Delta into a world printing center held in Dongguan, Heshan City was the only county-level city invited to participate in this seminar. It can be seen that Heshan printing industry is well-known

The rise of foreign-funded printing enterprises has not only brought abundant capital, technical equipment and management experience to the development of Heshan printing industry, but also created a broad overseas market, promoted the cooperation and integration between Heshan printing industry and the world printing industry, and created conditions for the take-off of Heshan printing industry

but everything has two sides. Heshan printing industry gradually shows a feature that equipment, raw materials and products rely too much on foreign markets. According to the statistics of Heshan customs, last year, the total export value of Heshan printed matter was US $88.73 million, an increase of 43.2% year-on-year, accounting for 16.4% of the total export value of Heshan enterprises. It accounts for 11.4% and 98% of the printed matter export value of Guangdong Province and Jiangmen City respectively, ranking the third in the province, second only to Shenzhen and Dongguan. 92% of Heshan printing export market is concentrated in the United States. Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. and Heshan Jinglian Printing Co., Ltd. are the leaders in the export of printed matter of foreign-funded enterprises in the city. Yatushi company has maintained a strong growth momentum and become the largest exporter of printing materials in Guangdong Province. In 2003, the export value of Artos reached 71.326 million US dollars, and last year the export value reached 86.35 million US dollars, accounting for 97.3% of the export value of Heshan printed matter last year. The main products include hardcover books, pamphlets, children's puzzle books, picture books, etc., and the value of export products is relatively high

learned that since the investment and establishment of the factory, Artus has adopted the world's most advanced printing equipment to realize high-tech automatic operation. Most of the raw materials such as paper and ink depend on imports, while the printing equipment comes from Heidelberg company, the originator of modern printing industry, and all products are also used for export. It reflects the dependence of Heshan printing industry on foreign markets

exploring the domestic market is the key

since the reform and opening up, China's economy has continued to grow at a high speed, and the printing industry has also developed into an industry with an output value of more than 200 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 13% in recent years. Relevant data show that China is currently in the middle stage of industrialization, and the vigorous development of manufacturing industry provides a broad space for the rapid development of printing and packaging industry. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of per capita income and the reduction of Engel's coefficient, the people's demand for material and cultural products is increasing. From reading books and newspapers to the packaging of daily consumer goods, people's consumption of printed goods is in the ascendant. According to experts' analysis, with the rapid development of the national economy, the growth rate of China's printing industry will reach 10% - 15% in the next few years. All kinds of signs show that China's printing market has entered a prosperous period. Facing the good situation, Heshan printing industry has no reason to "abandon the near and seek the far"

Feng Guangyuan, vice chairman of Artus, told that the upstream and downstream supporting facilities of Heshan printing industry are not perfect. Foreign procurement accounts for about 80% of the total procurement, while domestic procurement is mostly carried out in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. As early as twoorthree years ago, Artus had realized the importance of exploring the domestic market, but the company was overwhelmed by orders from overseas markets. In March last year, Artois acquired 100 mu of land in Sanlian industrial zone of Gulao town to build a new plant, which is dedicated to entering the domestic market

Fengyechang, head of Jinglian Printing Co., Ltd., said that some domestic printing enterprises still lack the sense of integrity management. Nevertheless, Jinglian still plans to develop the domestic market in the near future. He said that at present, there is still a lack of senior talents in Heshan printing industry. It is suggested that the municipal technical school should set up some majors related to the printing industry to cultivate suitable talents for enterprises

the relevant person in charge of Heshan economic and Trade Bureau believes that most of the large-scale printing enterprises in Heshan place their markets abroad and have no time to take into account the domestic market. But they all know that the domestic market has great potential. In the future, Heshan printing industry should further expand and segment the market, extend the chain of products and services, and take a special road of economies of scale. We should build an intensive, professional and innovative printing industry pattern in the two modes of "big power" and "small specialized". Large enterprises should gather into several large enterprise groups through joint ventures, equity participation, acquisitions and other integration means to improve their strength in participating in market competition at home and abroad. For most small and medium-sized enterprises, they should take the connotative development road with strong professionalism, distinctive characteristics and good quality, develop in the direction of "specialization, specialty, refinement and innovation", and take the road of "little giant"

insiders pointed out that the local service rate of the three world printing centers in the United States, Japan and Germany accounted for 90%, while the overseas market service rate of the printing industry in the Pearl River Delta region was nearly 40%. As an important printing base in the Pearl River Delta, Heshan should make a breakthrough in the domestic market and form a good situation of "two wheels turning together". (Yu Taiping, lihuazhen, intern Zhao Keyi)

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