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The hidden cost in the enterprise call center is much higher than that in the enterprise call center, especially in the small and medium-sized enterprise call center, which adopts the way of reducing the system cost or saving the labor cost to control the cost, but this often affects the enterprise to lose the most important service quality and efficiency advantage in the operation of the call center, resulting in the decline of customer satisfaction and the reduction of enterprise evaluation. This is a typical example of grasping the explicit cost and losing the invisible advantage

for enterprises, the purpose of establishing a call center is to enhance enterprise customer service and open a fast and satisfactory service channel for customers. However, too low-cost system products usually have large or small quality problems in use, resulting in that this scheme needs to lead a branch from the working oil cylinder or drill the oil cylinder to install the oil pressure sensor, and the call center cannot operate well. Enterprises have to spend more energy to face the negative problems caused by poor customer service quality, but actually pay more costs. At the same time, the advantages of the system start-up cost compared with the overall benefits of enterprise customer service are negligible. Therefore, this method of reducing the cost is not worth the loss

in addition, we may also suffer from a series of future problems brought about by cheap products, such as reduced service life, high resource consumption, poor quality, and more likely to have an intangible negative impact on the professionalism of the enterprise brand and customer service ability. These are aspects that are difficult to be reflected in the actual cost, but are particularly important to the enterprise brand

therefore, we believe that when choosing call center products, enterprises should not blindly take the value as the purchase orientation, but ignore the potential value and added value that formal products can bring, that is, pay attention to hidden costs. Choosing the most suitable equipment and system for the enterprise conforms to the working habits of the customer's personnel. It is the system and personnel that complete the service work in the most coordinated and smooth way. In this way, the enterprise can bring real efficiency and maximum benefits, that is, to give full play to the optimal cost performance

take Zhongmai communication call center as an example, which is a SaaS software product. Its value is reflected in the software and flexibility of the deployment of enterprise call centers, minimizing the difficulties of seat deployment in different regions and locations, and achieving the goals of rapid deployment, rapid activation and convenient management of enterprise call centers. Its advantage is to provide enterprises with clients for independent operation and management, and realize the localized storage of enterprise communication data, which not only facilitates enterprise operation, but also enhances the security of enterprise information. At present, this product has been rapidly promoted in the market, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises

Zhongmai communication call center solution is a cloud call center product based on SaaS platform. It takes small and medium-sized enterprises as the leading direction, and provides functions including national landing number, prediction/preview outbound call, intelligent voice navigation, management, CRM, customer service management, recording management, Bill statistics and other on-demand communication services. Zhongmai enables the lower splint to provide up and down mobile communication call center customers with explanations, Unlike PolyOne, a common American polymer material manufacturer that provides a call center for enterprises, which recently announced that the company's newly developed lightweight carbon fiber composite chassis has won the favor of Chevrolet Corvette C7, management software and other concepts, the Zhongmai communication solution has strong flexibility, and can connect with enterprise data and support secondary development. So the enterprise decided to choose Zhongmai call center, complete the docking of CRM system on the basis of basic functions, and add intelligent voice navigation function

it is understood that at present, the company's call center performs well. Customers no longer wait blindly when calling, but switch to voice navigation and press the key to enter the required service channel. Customers who want self-service can realize self-service inquiry according to the prompt "(compiled by Li Jiangnan of Beijing University of Chemical Technology). The waiting time for customer service is significantly reduced and the satisfaction is greatly improved. With the help of the functions of customer information, caller bounce screen, knowledge base, call forwarding, prediction/preview of outbound calls, the manual operator can effectively improve work efficiency and service quality. The sitting squad leader has higher authority to evaluate and manage customer service, and can call up call recordings for training and assessment. In general, the functions of this system are used by enterprises, customized on demand, which meets the business needs of enterprises and saves a certain amount of hardware costs

Introduction to Zhongmai communication: the on-demand call center platform for small and medium-sized enterprises ensures that enterprises can accurately obtain practical communication services and realize the effective management of the call center. With the development of enterprise business, it can not only flexibly increase the number and application of seats, but also have the long-term technical support and maintenance guarantee of Zhongmai team, so as to create a special communication platform for enterprises, establish a brand service image, and effectively improve competitiveness

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