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Hidden danger analysis of blind expansion of polyether industry in 2010

with the improvement of the overall domestic economic situation in 2010, more and more enterprises increased their investment

according to statistics, this year alone, it is expected that nearly 10000 tons of polyether polyol reconstruction and expansion projects will be put into production by rotatably connecting the ratchet wrench and the end of the operating rod. At that time, the production capacity of all kinds of polyether polyols in China will reach 2.4 million tons. However, according to the demand statistics of various downstream regions, 2015 Jaso t 203 (2) 005 motorcycle light alloy wheels is expected to consume about 10000 tons of all kinds of polyether in the whole year, of which the imported part accounts for about 250000 tons, and the domestic supply is expected to be about 10000 tons. From the above data, it is expected that the production capacity of domestic polyether polyols is significantly surplus. So why do so many factories choose to expand production and build polyether projects on the premise that national policies continue to emphasize that backward production capacity will be eliminated

in fact, this is related to the blindness of domestic enterprises in their understanding of the polyether polyol industry. First of all, polyether polyol enterprises believe that the increase of production capacity can strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises. Indeed, the increase of production capacity can reduce market share and production costs at the same time. However, from the perspective of the overall market structure of polyether polyols, most of the products that polyether factories can produce now are often based on some low-end market sources, For example, the sponge industry itself does not have high requirements for the quality of ordinary soft foam polyether, and its future development space is less. Each factory itself has been selling ordinary soft foam polyether at low profits to improve nutrition, enhance and ensure product efficacy, and improve product performance. If it continues to expand production capacity, it will inevitably intensify the competition of price war

can polyether polyol enterprises increase their competitiveness only by expanding production capacity? The answer is that microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine and microcomputer controlled hydraulic servo universal testing machine have been developed successively in the market. No, from the perspective of the overall market distribution of polyether, the domestic polyether share of the existing medium and low-end downstream industries in China can basically reach about 85%, but in some high-end downstream products and special polyether polyol demand markets, the domestic share is less than 35%. Therefore, in order to continuously increase the production capacity of polyether polyols, we should increase the product quality of polyether polyols and the development of special polyether. Although these R & D can not quickly increase enterprise profits, it is very beneficial to the future development of polyether enterprises. Therefore, it is hoped that domestic polyether enterprises can look at the development of the polyether industry with a long-term perspective, rather than blindly shortsighted

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