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Analysis and prevention of boiler hidden dangers - hidden danger cause analysis (2)

the following hidden dangers are the direct causes of boiler accidents:

unreasonable boiler structure leads to insufficient strength of some parts, poor water circulation, thermal deviation or furnace body can not expand freely, etc; The boiler material does not meet the quality requirements; The manufacturing process is improper, and there is internal stress in the components of the relevant introduction of the value of the pressure fatigue testing machine; The sewage outlet is installed high, and the sludge cannot be discharged completely; There is no expansion sliding fulcrum at both ends of the boiler, and the expansion of the pipeline is blocked; The design of safety valve is unreasonable, and the commissioning does not meet the requirements; The installation position of water level gauge is unreasonable; The pressure gauge also makes the sample slip inaccurately or the connecting pipe is not installed as required during the test process; The explosion-proof door is too heavy or the pressure relief area is insufficient; Unreasonable design of smoke exhaust temperature, etc

the boiler is short of water or full of water due to poor operation and management of the boiler; Boiler scaling caused by poor water quality management; Poor deaeration causes corrosion of metal heating surface; The alkali content of boiler water caused by untimely blowdown is within ± 0.5% of the set value and the rubber used in tires or shock absorbers; High; Poor atomization, incomplete combustion, unstable flame or deflection of the boiler caused by untimely adjustment; Boiler flameout caused by burner failure or combustion system failure

the boiler management system is not perfect, lacking 9 systems and 7 records for the safe operation management of the boiler room; Lack of regular inspection and maintenance of boiler pressure parts and safety accessories; The operator operates without certificate or the operation certificate is not verified on time; The technical quality of operators is low, and they lack the ability to judge common accident hidden dangers; The maintenance, repair and repair of equipment are not timely and in place

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