China and Russia sign two important energy coopera

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the national one component polyurethane hydrogel with high water holding capacity and high mechanical strength has the advantages of convenient construction and ecological environmental protection. Wu Xinxiong, deputy director of the exhibition and Reform Commission and director of the national energy administration, signed a memorandum with Russian energy minister Novak on behalf of the Chinese and Russian governments to create modernization Zhou Jiping, chairman of CNPC and Miller, President of Gazprom signed a purchase and sales contract

according to the contract, from 2018, Russia began to supply gas to China through the east line of the Sino Russian natural gas pipeline, and the gas transmission volume increased year by year, eventually reaching 38billion cubic meters per year, with a cumulative contract period of 30 years

according to the contract, the main sources of gas supply are the kovikin gas field in Irkutsk Oblast in eastern Siberia, Russia, and the chayanjin gas field in the Republic of Sakha. Gazprom is responsible for the development of gas fields, the construction of natural gas processing plants and pipelines in Russia. PetroChina is responsible for the construction of supporting facilities such as gas transmission pipelines and gas storages in China

the China Russia east line natural gas cooperation is realized under the personal care and promotion of the leaders of China and Russia, the direct guidance and participation of the two governments, and the long-term joint efforts of the enterprises of both sides. It is another important achievement of strengthening the comprehensive energy cooperation partnership and deepening the comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership between China and Russia, which fully embodies the principle of mutual trust and mutual benefit. Both parties will work together to implement relevant work to ensure the successful implementation of the project

the relevant person in charge of PetroChina said that China Russia natural gas cooperation will accelerate the economic and social development of the Russian Far East and the development of oil and gas resources in the Far East, so as to achieve export diversification. The target markets of natural semi-automatic impact testing machine gas imported from Russia are mainly northeast China, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and Yangtze River Delta, which meet the needs of China's domestic energy consumption growth, improve the atmospheric environment, optimize the energy utilization structure, promote the diversification of energy imports, and drive the development of relevant industries along the line

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