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China announced the final review ruling of polyester film imported from Jucheng company, which plans to build its global R & D center in Shanghai. It was learned from the Ministry of commerce that from December 28, 2005, China will continue to levy anti-dumping duties on imported polyester film originating in South Korea in accordance with the scope and rate of Taxation announced by the former Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation Announcement No. 7 in 2000 and Announcement No. 1 in 2003, and the implementation period is five years

On December 28, 2004, the Ministry of Commerce issued announcement No. 84 of 2004, deciding to conduct a final review and investigation of the anti-dumping measures applicable to imported polyester film originating in South Korea. This is the second anti-dumping final review case since the paper anti-dumping final review in China

the investigated product under review is the same as the original anti-dumping investigation, that is, polyester film. The tariff number of this product in the import and export tariff of the people's Republic of China is:

according to the provisions of articles 48 and 50 of the anti dumping regulations of the people's Republic of China, the Ministry of Commerce investigated the possibility that the dumping and injury continued or reoccurred after the anti-dumping tax of polyester film. After investigation, the Ministry of Commerce ruled that if the original anti-dumping measures are terminated, the dumping of imported polyester film originating in South Korea against China is likely to continue, and the damage caused to China's domestic industry may occur again. According to the investigation results, the Ministry of Commerce proposed to the Tariff Commission of the State Council to maintain the anti-dumping measures

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