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The first China International Fair opened, and these industrial robot giants came.

the first China International Fair will be officially unveiled on the 5th. A large number of international top enterprises such as general electric, Microsoft and Siemens have gathered in the exhibition area of intelligent and high-end equipment

it is worth noting that world industrial robot giants such as KUKA in Germany, abb in Sweden and Fanuc in Japan are also ready to wait for guests in this exhibition area where the top 500 enterprises are concentrated

in order to enhance interaction, 37 year old world-class table tennis player Timo ball, an old friend of the national table tennis team, will also appear in the exhibition area as a brand ambassador

according to CCTV, on October 31, all venues of the first China International Import Expo have been built, and all exhibits have been stationed in major venues, of which more than 5000 are debut in China

compared with other pavilions, some exhibits in the intelligent and high-end equipment exhibition area are almost large

CCTV noticed at the scene that an enterprise from Germany has built a small smart factory. On the assembly platform, robots will work together to show the audience the flexibility, efficiency and precision of robot production

Yuan Yang, a key technical engineer of KUKA, a German industrial robot giant, revealed that this smart factory is the first time KUKA has shown to the public in China. It embodies the characteristics of high working accuracy, fast response speed and strong stability of robots. It also provides personalized customized solutions for different customer groups in the 3C industry, fast consumer goods industry and medical industry, with a total of five layers

according to public information, KUKA was founded in Augsburg in 1898, with a turnover of nearly 3billion euros and about 14200 employees

according to another surging report, after the acquisition of KUKA group by Midea Group, a local enterprise in Foshan, the two sides announced the establishment of three joint ventures in March this year and began to build a new production base in Shunde science and technology park. It is expected that the robot production capacity will reach 75000 units per year by 2024

new technology will change the mode of production. Quoting Dr. till Reuter, its Global CEO, KUKA said that China is one of the most important markets in the future. Our goal is to become the first in the field of robots in China. Therefore, we are very happy to participate in the first China International Import Expo, which is also the first time that we present a highly complex interconnected model factory at the exhibition in China

Tuzi KUKA official

KUKA official center also said that Timo ball, a 37 year old world-class table tennis player and brand ambassador of KUKA, was a booth guest on the first day of the exhibition, and visitors to the Expo will have the opportunity to interact closely with him

in addition to German enterprises, industrial robot giants from Japan and Sweden did not miss this opportunity

FANUC, the world's largest manufacturer of robots and factory automation equipment, was founded in 1956. It is a Japanese company specializing in numerical control systems. Since the first robot of FANUC came out in 1974, it has always been committed to leading and innovation in robot technology. Fanuc has hundreds of robot products, which are widely used in assembly, handling, welding, casting, spraying, stacking and other production links

Qian Hui, general manager of Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd., recently told Xinmin Evening News that he would focus on bringing industrial intelligent manufacturing solutions and the latest technologies at this China International Fair, including products and technologies such as human-machine collaboration, IOT, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and whole line automation

Qian Hui said that Shanghai FANUC robotics Co., Ltd., jointly invested by FANUC and Shanghai Electric Group, is strengthening localization research and development in China, and putting forward more intelligent manufacturing solutions based on the needs of the Chinese market to improve the service level in China

another leading Japanese robot manufacturing enterprise will also bring new products. According to CCTV, the booth layout of Nachi, Japan, recently highlighted the robot application scene, which will show the indispensable spot welding robot on the automobile production line produced by the company. It is also the world's fastest spot welding robot at present, and six robot arms can work at the same time

video screenshot

table Hezhi, chairman of bueryue (China) Co., Ltd., said that the biggest feature of this robot is that its arm is hollow. Then we can put as many places as possible in the limited space of the factory in this 15 year process, so as to maximize work efficiency

CCTV pointed out that as a major manufacturing country in the world, China will have more quality requirements for production equipment in the future and need to import the most advanced equipment from the world. This Import Expo just provides an excellent platform for the world's top technology and equipment enterprises to show themselves

The Nikkei Chinese commented that under the current international situation, China seems to want to publicize the purchasing power of the Chinese market through business fairs and highlight the attitude of opening the market

US CNBC quoted William Zarit, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, as saying that the fair showed China's progress in opening up and was welcome

according to the Beijing Youth Daily, the business exhibition of enterprises participating in the Expo includes two parts: trade in goods and trade in services. The exhibition area is 270000 square meters, with more than 3000 enterprises participating, including more than 200 world top 500 and industry leading enterprises. More than 100 new products and technologies will be released at the Expo

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