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China and Arab States will build a safe and reliable energy strategic cooperation relationship

China and Arab States will build a safe and reliable energy strategic cooperation relationship

June 6, 2014

[China paint information] "China and Arab States will take energy cooperation as the main axis, deepen the whole industrial chain cooperation in the oil and gas field, maintain the safety of energy transportation channels, and build a mutually beneficial, safe, reliable and long-term friendly China Arab energy strategic cooperation relationship." p> Another news yesterday, the sixth ministerial meeting of the China Arab Cooperation Forum closed. Foreign Minister Wangyi announced at the meeting that the meeting adopted the Beijing Declaration, the action implementation plan for 2014-2016 and the development plan for 2014-2024

"the Beijing Declaration systematically expounds our policy propositions on reforming the global governance system, establishing a zone free of weapons of mass destruction, and combating such situations, which have aroused the attention of the polyurethane industry on major issues such as combating terrorism and promoting dialogue among civilizations, and has formulated a macro plan for the development of China Arab relations and the construction of the forum." Wang Yi said Anti terrorism cooperation: China and Afghanistan should jointly prevent extremist forces

[speech Abstract] we should work together to advocate civilized tolerance and prevent extremist forces and ideas from creating fault lines between different civilizations

[interpretation] liguofu, director of the Middle East Research Office of the China Institute of international studies, believes that the "fault line" mentioned here is "discord" and "conflict factors". Some extreme forces and thoughts often try to make use of the differences between civilizations to create some discord. Both China and Afghanistan should take measures to oppose extreme forces and trends of thought On the other hand, terrorism is an international public nuisance and an important part of China Arab cooperation that can effectively prohibit the spread of fire after aircraft fires. At this forum, Arab leaders attending the meeting all mentioned counter-terrorism. Middle East countries have suffered from terrorism, and China's current anti-terrorism situation is also very serious

Sino Arab counter-terrorism cooperation is not a new formulation. As early as the ministerial meeting of the China Arab Cooperation Forum in 2006, the two sides reached a consensus on strengthening counter-terrorism cooperation in bilateral, regional and multilateral fields

cooperation pattern: "1+2+3" is a new idea

[speech Abstract] China and Arab countries should jointly build the "the Belt and Road", which requires both a long-term vision and a down-to-earth approach. Climbing high and looking far is to do a good job in top-level design, plan the direction and objectives, and build a "1+2+3" cooperation pattern

[interpretation] Li Guofu said that the "1+2+3" cooperation pattern is a very new and important formulation that needs to establish a close partnership with vanadium raw material enterprises

Li Shaoxian said that China Arab energy cooperation is the main axis, which is "1". In the past, many people believed that China Arab relations meant that China bought Arab oil. In fact, this was not the case. Last year, the trade volume between China and Afghanistan reached US $240billion, of which US $130billion was in the non oil and gas sector. p>

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