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On December 28, a brief introduction to the spot PVC market of China Plastics Co., Ltd.

China should have high chemical stability. The plastic price index rose 0.63 points to 1270.62 points; The China Plastics spot index fell 1.53 points to 12. We sincerely welcome colleagues from academia and business circles around the world to actively participate! 51.69 points

I. upstream express:

wti-2 on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $96.62 per barrel, up $0.65 from the previous trading day, and Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange for February was $94.78 per barrel, up $0.84 from the previous trading day

the latest quotation of ethylene in Asia is stable, CFR Northeast Asia USD/ton

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Tianjin Chemical PVC production is normal, and the recent price is basically stable. The local ex factory price of each model is 7300 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of Shandong is 7250 yuan/ton, which is slightly lower in East China. The manufacturer said that there was basically no inventory

the production of chlor alkali PVC in Tangshan is normal, and the recent price fluctuation is small. The ex factory price of type 5 calcium carbide in the province is 7100 yuan/ton, and the height of type 3 material is 100 yuan/ton. The actual shipment is preferential, and the overall sales are normal

the PVC construction in Ningbo of Formosa Plastics is still insufficient, and the recent prices follow the market, that is, at present, the quotation of S-65 is 7700 yuan/ton, the quotation of S-70 is 7750 yuan/ton, and the quotation of S-60 is 7800 yuan/ton. The above prices are delivery prices, and the actual operation is more flexible

Jiangxi Nanchang chlor alkali PVC is in the clinical trial stage in the United States. The production is normal, and the price remains at the early level, that is, at present, the local factory is about 7200 yuan/ton. The manufacturer said that the market is not good, and there is pressure on sales

III. market situation:

the PVC market in Wuhan, Hubei Province is not performing well. The quotation of upstream manufacturers is stiff, and the downstream demand is still flat. Most of them are ready to use and take. On the whole, it is mainly stable. At present, the mainstream quotation of type 5 ordinary calcium carbide is mostly about 7100 yuan/ton with tickets. The actual transaction situation is not good, and most people hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the future market

the PVC market in Rui'an, Zhejiang Province is weak. At present, the mainstream market quotation of type 5 ordinary calcium carbide is 7150 yuan/ton, and the delivery price is up and down. The mainstream market quotation of type 3 is slightly higher, about RMB/ton. The quotation of ethylene method is strong, and multidimensional holds the price of about 7500 yuan/ton. The transaction situation is not good; Traders reported that the current supply of goods is OK, and most of the downstream products industry has stopped production, and most of them are available at any time. There is no large demand for goods, and the future market is not optimistic

although the transaction is not very good, the recent quotation of PVC market in Linyi is relatively stable. At present, the mainstream of ordinary electric stone is around 6650 yuan/ton (excluding tax). The price of some northwest sources is slightly lower, and the overall market shipment is general. Some market people are indifferent to the market before New Year's day, so the receiving is general

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