China and Nepal sign 10 agreements to build railwa

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China and Nepal sign 10 agreements to build railways between the two countries

China and Nepal sign 10 agreements to build railways between the two countries

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Nepal is very confident in the "the Belt and Road" and has high expectations. "Nepal adheres to the principle of one China and does not allow domestic opposition to China. We should have more, more direct and fruitful cooperation forces in the mineral field". On the 22nd, Nepalese Prime Minister oli, who visited China for the first time, made no secret of his high affirmation and expectation of China Nepal relations in his first public event. The previous day, a number of cooperation agreements signed by the two countries attracted much attention, including the attention of many Indian media. Some Indian media said that Nepal was looking for a solution to get rid of India's constraints, and China was the ideal choice. "Nepal can become a bridge and link between China and India. We are willing to further explore the trilateral cooperation between China, Nepal and India." p> On the morning of the 22nd, oli visited Renmin University of China and attended the China Nepal "the Belt and Road" think tank dialogue. This is the only college activity of his trip. Global Times heard on the spot that oli said in his speech entitled "jointly building the 'the Belt and Road' and creating a better future" that connectivity and national transformation will surely bring Nepal an unprecedented opportunity for transformation and development. As Chairman Mao once said, time waits for no man. Nepal is very grateful to the Chinese government and people, and looks forward to further development together. In the afternoon of the same day, he arrived in Tangshan, Hebei Province to continue his trip to China

the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong quoted the prime minister's office of Nepal as saying that according to the traffic operation agreement reached between Nepal and China, China may allow Nepal to use Guangzhou port. In addition, the two countries also agreed to launch a joint feasibility study on the bilateral free trade agreement. 4. Jinan trial tightening experiment: other achievements of oli's trip also include the cooperation between the two sides to build an international airport in Pokhara, a tourist city in Nepal, and the signing of a memorandum of understanding on the exploitation of oil and gas resources in Nepal. It is reported that the two countries will also issue the China Nepal joint statement

"Hindu" commented on the 22nd that Nepal imports about 2million tons of oil products every year, and the overall output depends on India. Since the closure of part of the border between the two countries due to local Madhesi riots last year, Nepal has experienced energy supply difficulties. Now Nepal is eager to reach many cooperation agreements with China on railway, energy, finance and so on, hoping to reduce its economic and trade dependence on India by enriching bilateral trade exchanges with China

from "warm embrace" to "calm treatment", Indian media described Nepal's attitude towards India as changing. The economic times of India quoted the report of the BMI Institute of the United States as saying that although Nepal will still rely on India in the future, its relationship with China is increasingly close, which will enable Nepal to find a balance between India and China. China has the opportunity to extend its influence to the south of Tibet, which is bound to make India nervous. The report believes that considering that India is still the largest donor to Nepal, India may reduce the amount of aid to express its dissatisfaction with Nepal's move to China

Hindustan Times reflected that Nepal sees that more frequent economic and trade exchanges with China will bring tangible benefits, and China has repeatedly promised not to interfere in Nepal's internal affairs, which is different from India's all-round influence on Nepal. However, the newspaper believes that India is still capable of exerting influence on Nepal

India's Economic Times noted that Chinese leaders mentioned the trilateral relationship between India, China and Nepal in their meeting with oli. p>

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